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Behind the scenes of establishing the city of New Cairo

Behind the scenes of establishing the city of New Cairo

Behind the scenes of establishing the city of New Cairo

Amal Ali 30 Mar 2023

New Cairo city is considered one of the most important urban areas currently in Egypt, and New Cairo, specifically the Fifth Settlement was able to be one of the most vital residential areas in all of Greater Cairo.

Over the past few decades, the geographical map of Greater Cairo has changed, and different areas have begun to emerge and capture the attention of citizens and investors, and the most important of these areas is New Cairo. After the passage of years.

In today's topic, we will talk about the emergence of New Cairo, the characteristics of this region, and how it allows distinguished real estate investment. Continue reading the article and do not miss the opportunity to read the rest of the real estate articles that will benefit you. We recommend the following articles for you:

How did the idea of establishing New Cairo arise?

The city of New Cairo is considered one of the third-generation cities, which was established by Presidential order 191 of the year 2000. The work on the construction of the city of New Cairo coincided with the construction of the ring road, which aims to connect all of Greater Cairo with a road around it.

In the meantime, it was proposed to establish a group of 12 urban communities surrounding the ring road, and they were named the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth settlements, and it was expected that each settlement would accommodate 200,000 people. The one who proposed this idea was Hasaballah Al-Kafrawy, Minister of Housing at the time.

In the beginning, it was planned that these communities be established to serve citizens with weak financial capabilities, but with the start of implementing the project, the government realized that the total cost of connecting all facilities and services would be very high, especially since the New Cairo area rises above sea level by about 180 meters, which makes business Utilities are more expensive.

Therefore, the proposal appeared to introduce an opportunity for private investment by allowing establishing of residential compounds, medium and above-average projects, as well as luxury projects. This way they stopped working on constructing the rest of the settlements and finished only the ones that started construction. 

From here, New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement began to appear in their current form as a residential and investment area that includes all residential projects, starting from economic, as well as above-average and luxury ones as well.

Specifications and features of the city of New Cairo

The city of New Cairo is considered one of the most prestigious residential areas at present. New Cairo is an extension of Greater Cairo, and it is characterized by being in a very vital location now, as it is surrounded by a group of the most important areas such as Nasr City and Heliopolis, and it is considered the closest area, Al Shorouk, to the New Administrative Capital.

The total area of New Cairo is 70,000 acres. A very huge area has been planned in a way that guarantees the comfort of the residents and the diversity of real estate services, and a very large part has been allocated to green spaces and gardens, with an area of 43 thousand acres.

The Fifth Settlement is the most famous district in New Cairo, which includes the first five districts established in New Cairo. 

New Cairo follows the Urban Communities Authority. As for the general plan for the city of New Cairo, it follows the Al-Ahly Sabbour Company, which also established the plans for the Fifth Settlement. The first assembly was implemented by Nasr City Construction Company.

New Cairo currently includes many famous and luxurious areas that are fully equipped with facilities and services, including Al Narges, Al Andalus, and Lotus, as well as the Southern and Northern Investors neighborhood and the South Academy neighborhood.

Real estate investment in New Cairo

The importance of New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement is not limited to its residential advantages only, but it also offers a very unique investment opportunity, whether it is in residential, commercial, and administrative units or the establishment of profitable projects.

New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement offer a very competitive advantage, which is the high demand from customers to live or work there. You will also find that all facilities are complete in the Fifth Settlement, which guarantees the ease of your stay there.

As for the geographical location, it is very distinct, especially with the opening of many new main roads that facilitate the process of moving to and from New Cairo and save a lot of time. You can easily use:

Real estate investment is one of the areas that can bring you a stable profit in the long run. But you have to be careful and choose the right type of investment for you and the nature of your life. 

You will find many distinguished real estate projects that you can choose from, and you will also find commercial, administrative, and even medical projects. Also, all real estate developers are keen to implement their projects in New Cairo, which will provide you with a variety of options.

In the coming points, we will present to you a group of the most important projects in New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement that you can consider.

The most important residential projects in New Cairo

The most important commercial projects in New Cairo

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