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Saudi Egyptian Developers 30 November 2021 Last Updated At (35 Properties) (9 Projects)

The Saudi Egyptian Developers Company is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 1975 under an international agreement between the governments of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was established after the approval of the People's Assembly by Presidential...

The Saudi Egyptian Developers Company is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 1975 under an international agreement between the governments of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was established after the approval of the People's Assembly by Presidential Decree No. 656 of 1975 in the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

الشركة السعودية المصرية للتعمير - Saudi Egyptian Developer - SED

The company's capital was set at fifty million dollars, which were fully paid in equal shares with the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company invests in real estate in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which requires the purchase and sale of lands after the plans are approved by the Board of Directors. The capital was increased in 2007 to reach 75 million.

In preparation for the construction and construction of buildings according to the plans approved by the Board of Directors, the capital was increased in 2007 to reach $75 million, and another increase in 2014 to reach $318 million, which demonstrates the confidence of the two governments in the company. The company has a long history of achievements and projects. The company has delivered 23,764 housing units, inhabited by 114,067 people. It is currently working on establishing (6) projects, which provide approximately (5000) housing units. The company is distinguished as one of the first companies that worked in various governorates and cities of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Since its establishment, the company has completed several residential neighborhoods with integrated facilities and services, and luxurious residential and administrative buildings in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, and Assiut, in addition to a group of chalets and villas on the Agami and Marsa Matrouh coasts. At the beginning of 2007, the company added the tourism investment activity for more stability and continuity. It also established the Technical Office for Investments and Engineering Designs, as well as a contracting apparatus to implement projects with the latest construction methods, which helps in adjusting delivery times.

The Saudi Egyptian Development Company is one of the largest companies operating in the real estate market, and it has undertaken, since its inception, to address all categories of customers, for nearly 45 years. It was also characterized by credibility in dealing with customers, and the choice of its sites had a direct impact on its continuity in a market that is always moving and needs new variables. The Saudi Egyptian Construction Company is a successful model for cooperation between the Egyptian and Saudi governments.

The Saudi Egyptian Company develops its conditions from time to time to suit the market requirements at each stage. The Saudi Egyptian Company puts study and planning among its main elements to be able to keep pace with changes. The company has seen in its future plan for the next stage the need to multiply its activity to meet the requirements of the upcoming trip by adding the tourism investment activity to its main activity, which is real estate investment, and this is a great necessity for the next stage in order to ensure continuity and stability. The company outlined the features of this investment, which it hopes will be an investment that fulfills its ambitions.

The company began to research the feasibility of establishing major tourism projects in new and promising tourist places in Egypt, given the great data that was given to help the success of this activity and the hoped tourism investment, which is the establishment of integrated tourism development projects. Thus, the company has made a plan towards comprehensive planning for a strong tourism investment that guarantees its competition, presence, and continuity, and that the company’s great experience in real estate investment is the auxiliary element for moving towards tourism investment, with the help of some experiences for the need for study and experience to be two main sources for any activity.

The company is now taking the initiative to draw up its plan in line with the clear line followed by the state in residential investment as projects that serve a large sector, which is the youth sector. The company has previous experience, which makes it think of youth projects that help develop society by developing human resources represented by its youth. This line stems from the company's management's belief that young people are strong nerve and capable of moving towards a better tomorrow. From the perspective of the launch towards introducing the company’s activity, the company has updated all its propaganda tools to transfer its activity to the external market in order to open a greater field for a market without borders and to deliver the real estate investment service to everyone around the globe through our modern website, which will always be updated in addition to (FACEBOOK) to the company’s page On the social networking site to face the intense competition expected in the real estate market.

On these bases and objectives, the company has set a plan for the investment volume for the next five years to reach EGP 7 billion, distributed as follows:

  1. 4 billion pounds for residential communities
  2. 2 billion pounds for residential towers
  3. One billion pounds for tourism investment

SED Investments and future projects

Maadi Nile Pearl Towers Project

  • Location: Maadi، 30 minutes away from Cairo International Airport
  • 190 housing units Components of the residential tower: It consists of 256 rooms in addition to restaurants, halls and halls
  • Components of the hotel tower: Project budget: 3.5 billion pounds, % project completion rate: 75
  • Total built-up area: 3,000 m2
  • End date: 2020

JAYD New Cairo Compound Project

  • Location: Fifth Settlement - New Cairo, next to Al-Rehab City - Suez Road.
  • Project area: 285,000 m2 - 120 residential buildings with a total of 2000 housing units
  • Project services: a mall, a nursery, a social club, a mosque, and combined green areas.
  • Project budget: 2.6 billion pounds
  • Project completion percentage: 60% Total built-up area: 350,000 m2
  • End date: 2021

Sawary Alexandria Compound Project

  • Location: Alexandria, next to Carrefour City Center.
  • Project area: 417 acres, The project consists of 62 residential buildings
  • Project services: a mall, a social club, a mosque, and a hospital, in addition to the green areas inside the project.
  • Project budget: 2.6 billion Egyptian pounds ( 112.5 acres)
  • built-up area: 455,000 m2
  • End date: 2022

BlueVert New Capital Compound Project

  • Location: New Administrative Capital
  • Project area: 294,000 m2
  • It is characterized by large green spaces, and many Facilities like club, mall.
  • Project components: 200 housing units of different types (apartments, studios, duplexes, separate villas, twin villas, townhouses)
  • Project services: large green spaces, social club, commercial mall
  • Project budget: 4.5 billion pounds
  • Built area: 32,400 m2
  • End date: 2023