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Pyramids Developments's Projects

Pyramids Developments, is one of the most important real estate developers in Egypt recently and has been able to make a fast imprint for itself in the real estate field, Pyramids is one of the distinguished real estate development companies in Egypt, and it has a unique reputation among all companies. Pyramids were established in 1999 and its roots extend for a long period of up to 20 years and it is a French company of origin.

Where the company started its projects in Egypt in 2013 on the 6th of October City until it headed to the New Administrative Capital - with the La Capital New Capital project, which is the first of its work in another side of Greater Cairo, and the company's implementation of the project comes due to its confidence in the direction of the Egyptian state and their belief in the importance of The new administrative capital project.

Pyramids Development owns more than 6 projects in the New Administrative Capital area and started its first projects in Al Galala International City, "Sky City", (مدينة السحاب) in Galala Sky City. Pyramids Real Estate has a successful group of engineers, designers and real estate developers as well, such as A. Mr. Hisham El-Khouly, and Prof. Alaa El-Khouly.

Pyramids Development has contracted with Hussein Sabbour, which is one of the real estate development companies, and the company aims with this contract, to make their projects in the Administrative Capital in a modern style, and although the Pyramids Developments began investing in residential projects in 2013, where it was able during this The short period is to dig a distinguished name for it in the middle of the real estate field in Egypt.

Pyramids projects In France:

  • Modification of the Louvre Museum in Paris.
  • Renovation of the Holiday Inn and ibis hotel.
  • Enlarging the French Parliament.

Pyramids projects In Egypt:

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