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Axle Mall New Cairo Strategic location in fifth settlement

Axle Mall New Cairo Strategic location in fifth settlement

Axle Mall New Cairo Strategic location in fifth settlement

Amal Ali 28 Mar 2023

Axle Mall New Cairo is an integrated project by Menassat Developments. For anyone looking to invest in real estate units and a mixed-use mall, do not hesitate and learn about the details of Axle Mall New Cairo.

Menassat Developments offers an ideal project full of advantages, starting from the strategic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement to the range of services available in Axle Mall, as well as payment and installment systems that reach 8 years.  

Axle Mall New Cairo project Details

Menassat Developments is offering Axle New Cairo a mixed-use mall. The total land area of the project is 5412 square meters. It is intended that the mall serve the entire surrounding area in the Narges area, the new Narges area, the Diplomats area, as well as the investors and Gardenia. Thus, Axle Mall New Cairo serves more than 230 acres.

Axle Mall Fifth Settlement offers all the units you seek (administrative, commercial, and medical). The Axle Mall New Cairo, comes in the form of a building consisting of a ground floor, in addition to three additional floors.

Learn more about Axle Mall New Cairo, in the coming paragraphs

Axle Mall New Cairo Location 

Menassat Developments has chosen a prime location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement to implement its latest project, which is Axle Mall New Cairo. The location of any real estate project is the point of distinction and strength by which it can win other projects. 

This is precisely what Menassat Developments was keen to implement, as they chose a distinguished location in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, specifically in the New Narges area, and the project extends over 5412 square meters.

Axle Mall New Cairo overlooks Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis, which is located in New Cairo between Talaat Harb and Muhammad Naguib axes. This privileged location makes Axle Mall close to the most important axes, as well as important landmarks in the Fifth Settlement.

  • About 3 minutes away from South Teseen Street
  • Axle Fifth Settlement is 6 minutes away from the American University
  • And you will find yourself close to the German University, with a distance of only 3 minutes
  • Also you will be near the most important medical buildings such as the air-forced hospital
  • You can reach Nasr City in about 15 minutes
  • The mall is only 20 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital
  • You will also find the entire banking sector next to you, at a distance of 8 minutes

Axle Mall New Cairo Services and features

When thinking about buying any property unit, it is very important to obtain a set of services or in your surroundings. In Axle Mall New Cairo you will benefit from many distinguished services that make your investment decision easier. 

Menassat Development was keen to provide all basic services and facilities in Axle Mall New Cairo. In addition, the location of Axle Mall is within the Narges area, which is a fully serviced and fully inhabited area.

  • Hypermarket on an area of 2000 square meters
  • A total of 80 stores
  • Supermarket 10 minutes away
  • Restaurants area, 12 minutes away
  • A medical center is 4 minutes away
  • 2 pharmacies

Axle Mall New Cairo Spaces and prices

As we mentioned, you will find all units in Axle Mall New Cairo, and the prices also vary. We will now show you a sample for spaces and prices, but we always advise you to review the latest price updates, as they are always subject to change according to the market.

  • The ground floor commercial units start from 40 square meters and the price per square meter starts from 160,000 EGP
  • The first floor is commercial, areas start from 35 square meters, and the price per meter starts from 125,000 EGP
  • As for the administrative and medical units, they start with areas of 45 square meters and prices starting from 70,000 EGP per meter.

Axle Mall New Cairo Installment systems

Menassat Developments also took care of all the details, so it provided many installment systems, where the customer can choose what suits him from them. Here are the installment systems for Excel Mall, Fifth Settlement

  • 10% down payment and installments over 5 years
  • When you pay a 15% down payment, you can pay in installments up to 6 years
  • In case of paying a 20% down payment, the installment period will be up to 7 years
  • If you pay a 25% down payment, you can install the rest of the amount up to 8 years

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