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Tarboul Industrial City the largest project of GV Developments

Tarboul Industrial City the largest project of GV Developments

Tarboul Industrial City the largest project of GV Developments

Eslam Emad 09 Oct 2022

At Inland, we are always keen to offer you the latest and largest real estate projects that will attract your interest. We also always strive to provide the latest real estate news in Egypt to keep you informed of the latest developments in the Egyptian real estate market.

In light of all the real estate news and developments taking place all over Egypt, news emerged of a huge industrial city in the south of Giza, which is planned to become Egypt's first industrial city, Tarboul Industrial City.

Certainly, the city's name is very distinctive to attract the attention of anyone who hears it, and perhaps from here, the city of Tarboul begins to draw attention and attract the attention of everyone who hears about it. GV Developments Company made sure that its project was distinguished by its choice of name, so it presented us with the industrial city of Tarboul.

Maybe you are now wondering what the word tarboul means. 

You will find everything that interests you about Tarboul Industrial City through the articles on our website.

What is the meaning of the name Tarboul?

In the beginning, you should get acquainted with the distinguished location of the city of Tarboul, as it connects the north and south of Egypt and is located at very distinct distances from the most important Egyptian ports. The city of Tarboul is located in the south of Giza at Atfih Center with the intersection of the Upper Egypt Free Road and the Korimat Zafarana Road.

As for the reason for naming the city of Tarboul, you will find it related to the presence of a mountain with the same name Jebel Tarboul in the Giza area.

This name is in line with the vision of the Tarboul city project because it reflects the size and enormity of the city.

Tarboul-Industrial-City-Largest-in-Middle-East-مدينة-طربول-الصناعية-أكبر-مدينة-صناعية-في-الشرق-الأوسط- 20221

Under the supervision of Eng. Sherif Hammouda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GV Real Estate Development, in cooperation with the General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives, Tarboul Industrial City was planned to become the first smart, green and livable industrial city in Egypt.

From this point of view, all the details of the city were thought to be able to achieve this vision. The city was divided into 12 industrial areas in addition to residential areas, services, and retail areas. There is also a dry port within the city.

As for the road network linking the industrial city of Tarboul with its surroundings, it is very strong. The location of the city of Tarboul in the middle of the main trade routes will help all the merchants and factory owners to connect their activities with ease. 

Learn about the most important roads that will connect the city of Tarboul to the rest of Egypt:

  • Cairo - Assiut Road.
  • Regional Ring Road.
  • Cairo - Ain Sukhna Road.
  • Fayoum - October Road.
  • Creams - Zafarana Road.

Location-of-Tarboul-Industrial-City-Largest-in-Middle-East-موقع-مدينة-طربول-الصناعية-أكبر-مدينة-صناعية-في-الشرق-الأوسط- 2022

If you have a project idea and need industrial land, we advise you to consider an immediate investment in Tarboul Industrial City. Where GV Development is offering industrial land in the city of Tarboul very competitively and you should take advantage of these prices.

Tarboul Industrial City prices start from 1500 EGP per meter, in addition to this, there is an opportunity for installments, and the period reaches up to 6 years.

Learn more details about the project through this article, Tarboul Industrial City, the largest industrial city in the Middle East.

Through our website, you can learn all the news about Tarboul Industrial City and you can follow the latest real estate projects directly.

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