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Tarbul City Prices & Exclusive Payment Plans!

Tarboul City Prices & Exclusive Payment Plans

Tarbul City Prices & Exclusive Payment Plans!

Mohamed Desouki 06 Oct 2022

Tarboul City prices - اسعار مدينة طربول الصناعية are very attractive. Starting from 1500 EGP per sqm for industrial lands, there is an opportunity for installments.

Not every day in Egypt and the middle east huge projects the size of Tarboul Industrial City are announced. Therefore, the city's news should attract the attention of many, whether workers in the industrial sector, those interested in investment, or even independent individuals.

After the news about the launch of the Tarboul Industrial City project by GV Real Estate Developments, interested people began to ask about the quality of services that the city will provide, in addition to the prices at which the units will be offered and the project lands.

Tarboul industrial city location

Before talking about Tarboul Industrial City prices, we will introduce you to the most important features of Tarboul Industrial City, which make it a distinct destination for investment. Learn more about the city of Tarboul through the following points:

  • The location of Tarboul Industrial City is very strategic in the south of Giza Governorate, Atfih Center.
  • The land area of Tarboul Industrial City is 26 thousand acres, approximately 109 million square meters.
  • The city can accommodate about 13,000 factories.
  • The city connects the north and south of Egypt through a strong road network.
  • The General developer of Tarboul Industrial City is GV Development Company in cooperation with the General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives.
  • The volume of investments in the city so far is about 3 billion dollars.
  • The city is expected to provide about 650,000 job opportunities in the field of industry only, and it is expected that the number of job opportunities will increase after operating the city.
  • The city of Tarboul is a comprehensive city that is not limited to industrial buildings only but also provides residential facilities to become a livable industrial city.
  • Tarboul Industrial City is the first smart industrial city in Egypt, which will support the technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • The city of Tarboul is based on the principle of sustainability, so the city is interested in preserving the environment through the use of recycling industries and the provision of environmentally friendly systems to dispose of manufacturing waste.

Certainly, after all this information, you will be more and more excited to know what the prices of Tarboul Industrial City are. The developer of the project, GV Developments, was keen to attract the attention of everyone who wants to invest, whether companies, factory owners, or individuals. From this point of view, the company is interested in profit through the operation of the city and not profit through the sale of industrial land.

  1. It is now available to buy industrial land for very attractive prices, 1500 pounds per square meter.
  2. Prices start from 750 thousand pounds, pay a down payment of 75 thousand, and pay the rest in installments over 6 years.

It is worth noting that Tarboul Industrial City comes in conjunction with the fourth-generation cities whose establishment is supervised by the Egyptian government, within the framework of Egypt's vision 2030. 

In 2022, we witnessed the events held in the new city of El Alamein, the first millionaire city on the North Coast. The New Administrative Capital is also at the fore in real estate news as a result of the launch of a huge number of real estate projects on its land.

If you are thinking of investing and are still hesitant, contact us directly to know the details of the Tarboul Industrial City project and make the right decision for you now.

You will find everything that interests you about Tarboul Industrial City through the articles on our website.

Tarboul industrial city prices

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