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Tarboul city Egypt's first industrial destination

Tarboul city Egypt's first industrial destination

Tarboul city Egypt's first industrial destination

Amal Ali 02 Oct 2022

Tarboul Industrial City tops the news as a result of how big is the project and its uniqueness. Tarboul Industrial City comes as a result of the cooperation between the GV Developments and the General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives. Read on and learn more about Tarboul Industrial City.

Since 2015, Egypt has adopted a clear vision, which is moving towards a development approach in the country in all branches. The vision of Egypt 2030 came under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to put all development goals in clear and specific points, and the government works in cooperation with the private sector to achieve and reach them.

Egypt's Vision 2030 focuses on three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social, and environmental. These dimensions have been divided into eight main points:

  • Improving the quality of life of the citizen
  • Justice and social inclusion
  • Strong economy
  • Knowledge and innovation
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Governance of state institutions and society
  • Egyptian peace and security
  • Strengthening the Egyptian leadership

It is worth noting that Tarboul Industrial City project comes to serve many of these points, as it is an industrial city that adopts a smart sustainable vision and aims to combine habitability and industry simultaneously.

Tarboul industrial city

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What is Tarboul Industrial City project?

The city of Tarboul is one of the iconic cities through which Egypt seeks to achieve urban expansion. Tarboul Industrial City is the first city of its kind dedicated to achieving an industrial renaissance and development. The government was able to implement the establishment of cities that serve this goal, including:

Tarboul Industrial City adopts a strong and clear vision, and the city's slogan expresses this vision of "a smart, green, and livable city."

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Where is Tarboul Industrial located?

Tarbol Industrial City has a very vital location in the heart of the main trade routes in Egypt. The strategic location of the city of Tarbol is one of the strongest factors that will put this city at the forefront of industrial cities.

Tarboul Industrial City is located near the Atfih area in Giza, and its location enables it to have easy access to all major roads and vital cities. All commercial and industrial business owners will benefit from this website as they can connect their businesses in the following main ways:

  • Cairo - Assiut Road
  • Regional Ring Road
  • Cairo - Ain Sukhna Road
  • Fayoum - October Road
  • Creams - Zafarana Road

In addition, the city is located at distances that are very close to all of the following:

  • 44 km from Helwan city
  • 83 km from the new administrative capital
  • 109 km from Ain Sukhna
  • 210 km from the city of Galala
  • 5 km from the Nile River
  • 66 km from the 6th of October City

Tarboul industrial city location

What are the objectives of the Tarboul Industrial City?

The construction of the city of Tarboul is carried out according to the latest international standards in modern and sustainable technology. The city's primary goal is to provide a smart and sustainable industrial environment capable of attracting and supporting internal and external investments.

With this goal, Tarboul Industrial City adopts another set of goals, which is for the city to become an integrated destination that can be lived and inhabited, and this is evident through the design and plan of the city.

The city's goals are compatible with all the state's efforts to raise the standard of living in Egypt by providing giant projects that provide job opportunities for citizens and also work to combat slums and achieve urban and urban expansion that served all Egyptians.

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What are the details of the Tarboul Industrial City project?

Tarboul Industrial City is being established on a total area of 26 thousand acres, and you can imagine this large area entirely dedicated to serving commercial and industrial projects in an environmentally friendly manner. It is worth noting that the number of factories within the city reaches 13,000.

Tarboul industrial land has been divided into a group of areas, o and each area is specialized in one of the commercial fields or industries.

  • Food Valley: 7.5 million square meters and this area is dedicated to attracting all investors in the food industry.
  • Marble City: 5.5 million square meters
  • Building Materials City: 6.5 million square meters
  • Land port: 1.5 million square meters
  • Residential and service area: 6 million square meters
  • Office buildings, administrative and commercial services: 10 million square meters
  • Retail Market

Tarboul industrial city Egypt

Tarboul Industrial City Standards

The city of Tarboul was planned to become Egypt's first industrial city. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to develop methods and solutions to overcome the obstacles facing the industry in Egypt. To achieve this goal, the city was designed to be a comprehensive city that serves industrialists through a multi-axis marketing model. This model focuses on:

  • Strengthening industries
  • Import rationalization
  • Increase local integration
  • Increase the added value
  • Reconfigure the export structure

In addition, GV Real Estate Development, the main developer of the project, provides an investment model that serves all investment owners and individual tenants. The city of Tarboul also provides a service platform for investors that helps them in land sales and land rental.

Learn more about GV Real Estate Development, and the general developer of the city, here.

Tarboul industrial city sectors

Tarboul Industrial City Prices

With all these unique features and services within Tarboul Industrial City, prices come to add to the strength of this project. The prices at which lands are offered in Tarboul Industrial City are very competitive and you will certainly not find them.

  • The price per square meter starts from 1500 EGP
  • Prices start from 750 thousand EGP
  • Pay only 75 thousand, and you can pay the rest of the amount over 6 years in installments.

If you are thinking of a serious investment and looking for an opportunity that will not be repeated, we advise you to seize the opportunity and invest in Tarboul Industrial City. There you will find everything you need and more.

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