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New Alamein city megacity on the North Coast. Live by the sea now

New Alamein city megacity on the North Coast. Live by the sea now

New Alamein city megacity on the North Coast. Live by the sea now

Amal Ali 25 Aug 2022

Egypt has a history full of events and situations, and every piece of its land has a story to tell and a memory worth perpetuating.

We will take you on a tour of the history of the city of Al Alamein and the latest developments of the new city of Al Alamein on the North Coast.

Egypt has a beautiful and diverse nature, and the northern coast is considered one of the most beautiful beaches you can visit and enjoy. The Egyptian northern coast has witnessed a boom in recent decades and has become a basic and very important coastal destination on the map of the Egyptian resort, and it is not only limited to Egyptian visits but also attracts tourists and foreign investments.

Learn more about the Egyptian North Coast by reading this article. You can also easily download the North Coast Guide for summer 2022 from here.

New Cities and Egypt's Urban Expansion Plan

Under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, An essential part of Egypt's Vision 2030 is focusing on urban development and expansion. For this reason, the state has developed a plan for the development of urban communities by working on constructing and establishing several new cities that will contribute to containing the increasing population.

The new cities that the state is working on are considered among the fourth-generation cities in Egypt. The state seeks to improve the standard of living of citizens by providing adequate and suitable housing opportunities for all citizens. In each city, you will find a diversity of projects offered to include housing projects for low-income people and even luxury and tourist real estate projects.

Egypt vision 2030

The New Administrative Capital

The new administrative capital comes at the forefront of new cities that seek to boost the investment movement in Egypt, whether an internal investment or attracting foreign investments.

The administrative capital was built with a vision aiming to reduce the population burden in the areas of Greater Cairo, Giza, and the neighboring areas. Therefore, the state planned to transfer all its governmental and administrative institutions to the new capital.

You can always follow the latest real estate projects in the New Administrative Capital on our website. We advise you to read this article if you are thinking of investing in real estate. Your guide to investing in the new administrative capital of Egypt.

Also, one of the successful projects is the New Mansoura city, which aims to be also a residential and tourist city at the same time, as it overlooks the Mediterranean coast with a length of 15 km.

New Alamein City

Administratively, the new city of El Alamein belongs to Marsa Matrouh Governorate. The New Alamein City extends 48 km from the Alex-Matrouh International Road. The area of New Alamein City is 50,000 acres, which is a huge area that provided an opportunity to implement many diverse projects.

On the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, New Alamein owns 14 km of the north coast, which has a picturesque nature. The main objective of building the new city of El Alamein on the North Coast is to overcome overcrowding and allow a larger segment of people to reach their dream and live in an integrated and developed coastal city.

If you are thinking of investing in a coastal house, you can choose between Sokhna and the North coast. See this guide North Coast vs Sokhna Make the decision and invest in your second home.

Features of the new city of Al Alamein

The new city of Alamein has many advantages that will encourage people to think about moving and residing in it or even taking the investment step. Below we will enumerate for you a set of the main features of the new city of Al Alamein:

  • A city designed to accommodate nearly 3 million people
  • A coastal city suitable for living all year round, not only a summer city
  • The city owns an 18 km corniche
  • The city owns agricultural areas for palms, olives, and pomegranates,
  • The first water production plant with condensation technology, and the production reaches 100,000 liters per day
  • A total of 18 breakwaters project
  • Providing many job opportunities to work on projects within New Alamein, will contribute to reducing unemployment

The New Alamein important projects 

The new city of Al Alamein comes as an integrated city that owns the historical part and provides housing opportunities and is also a city suitable for tourism. In addition, the city aims to accommodate and provide services that suit all segments of society.

New Alamein City projects provide nearly 10,000 housing units in addition to commercial malls, hotels, parks, and entertainment venues. You will also find schools and universities, including Al-Alamein International University.

If you want to know more about the new Alamein projects, you can browse the projects easily through our website. We will now show you a group of the most important projects for the new city of Alamein on the North Coast.

New Alamein hotels

An essential and pivotal part that the New Alamein City will provide is to support the tourism industry in Egypt. The main objective is to provide a luxury group of tourism projects that facilitate the stay of tourists in New Alamein.

The Egyptian northern coast has a very picturesque nature that attracts all eyes to it. You will find clear blue waters, successive waves, and soft white sand along the coast. To promote these distinguished capabilities, it was necessary to establish hotels and resorts with international standards, which would benefit foreign tourism in Egypt.

History of Al Alamein City 

El Alamein is located on the northern Egyptian coast, and the city belongs to the administrative authority of Marsa Matrouh Governorate. The population of the city of Al-Alamein does not exceed 11,000 people, and the Al-Alamein region is divided into three main areas: the center of Al-Alamein, Sidi Abdel Rahman, and the Tel Al-Eis area. The city depends mainly on a set of activities that generate income. Among these activities, you will find mining and petroleum extraction.

For a large period, the city of Al Alamein was not one of the popular destinations that Egyptians head to on the North Coast. This is due to the remnants of the battles that took place on its land. For a long time, the land of Al-Alamein contained minefields from the Second World War.

World War II Battle of Al Alamein

Egypt played a major role in the Second World War between the Allies and the Axis Powers. On the land of El Alamein, a battle took place that decided the winning side of the war, and the second battle of Al Alamein took place from October 23 to November 11, 1942.

Al Alamein Battle II

Historical sites in the city of Al Alamein

The war left behind it many dead and missing, so the city represents a symbol of all the souls of the soldiers who died on its land. There are graves dedicated to soldiers, including:

  • Commonwealth cemeteries
  • Italian cemeteries
  • German cemeteries

Al Alamein German cemetery

Among the historical buildings that you can visit, you will find the Al Alamein Military Museum, which is affiliated with one of the departments of the Egyptian Ministry of Defense. The museum was built during the era of President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1965 to be a witness to the Battle of El Alamein between the Allies and the Axis Powers. The museum was designed in coordination with the countries that participated in the war, and a special hall for Egypt was added to show the role it played during the battle.

Al Alamein in world cinema 

International cinema was interested in portraying and conveying what happened in the Battle of El Alamein in 1942 to the world. Among the films that presented this battle are the following films:

  • Desert Victory 1943 (Produced by the British Ministry of Information)
  • Desert Fox: The Rommel Story 1951 (20th Century Fox)
  • Rommel Calls Cairo 1958 (a joint film between Egypt and Germany)
  • The Battle for El Alamein 1969 (co-production between Italy and France)
  • El Alamein - The line of Fire 2002 (Italian production)
  • Rommel 2012 movie (shown on German TV)

El Alamein the line of fire

Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about the new city of Al Alamein and stay updated.

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