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Tarboul Industrial City Location A very privileged site for factory owners

Tarboul Industrial City Location

Tarboul Industrial City Location A very privileged site for factory owners

Mohamed Desouki 06 Oct 2022

Tarboul industrial city located in Egypt.  A very privileged site for factory owners. Own your land now and start investing. Learn more about Tarboul

The geographical location of any real estate or industrial project is the most important element that determines the success of the project. Most investors are looking for lands and projects with distinct locations that make it easier for them to manage their projects and link them with various vital areas.

Tarboul Industrial City comes to meet all the dreams of business owners and industries and everyone who has an idea for a project. In the coming period, Egypt will witness a boom in the concept of industrial cities, as GV Real Estate Development Company recently announced the launch of its largest project, Tarboul Industrial City.

GV Real Estate Development is characterized as a start-up company, but with a strong vision and desire to participate in community and industrial development. 

The company adopts and works to establish projects not only for personal profit but to revitalize the movement of the Egyptian economy and advance the movement of the industry.

Tarboul Industrial City is an opportunity to invest not only in industrial land but also in residential and commercial real estate. What distinguishes Tarboul Industrial City from previous industrial cities such as the Tenth of Ramadan City is the following:

  • The first comprehensive industrial city that provides an opportunity for work, housing, and residence, which saves time and daily displacement of workers in the industrial sector
  • It is a green industrial city that aims to preserve the environment, and it is capable of that. Its vast area is 109 million square meters, and a large part of the city will be dedicated to green spaces.
  • The huge number of job opportunities that the city will provide will certainly contribute to reducing the unemployment rate, as the city is expected to provide 650,000 job opportunities in its industrial facilities.

The location of Tarboul Industrial City is the biggest feature of this huge project. When starting any industrial project, developers go to remote and extreme places, but in the case of Tarboul Industrial City, GV Development Company took a different approach, which is that it chose a site in the heart of Cairo and Egypt to implement Tarboul Industrial City, and this serves several goals, the first of which is that the city is in the middle of the main road network Trade, which facilitates the transportation of goods.

The city of Tarboul is located in the vicinity of Giza Governorate, near the center of Atfih, and its location intersects with the Free Upper Egypt Road and the Zafarana Road, and this facilitates the connection between the north and south of Egypt. 

In addition, it has a close distance to the most important seaports, such as the port of Ain Sokhna and the port of Suez. Learn more about the distinguished site of the city of Tarboul:

  1. Cairo - Assiut Road.
  2. Regional Ring Road.
  3. Cairo - Ain Sukhna Road.
  4. Fayoum - October Road.
  5. Koraimat- Zafarana Road.

In addition, the city is located at distances that are very close to all of the following:

  • 44 km from Helwan city.
  • 83 km from the new administrative capital.
  • 109 km from Ain Sukhna.
  • 210 km from the city of Galala.
  • 5 km from the Nile River.
  • 66 km from the 6th of October City.

Great care has been taken to plan the city of Tarboul, and great attention has been given to the infrastructure, which will make it easier for all those wishing to implement their industrial projects. All you have to do is own your land and start implementing directly.

Everyone can benefit from the investment in Tarboul Industrial City, so the city was divided into 12 industrial zones, and each region specializes in a specific industry. 

If you are still hesitant, the price offered to buy in Tarboul Industrial City will surely tempt you. 

Industrial lands are offered in the city of Tarboul at a very attractive price per square meter, only 1500 EGP. And this and you can also installments over 6 years.

Learn more about everything about Tarboul Industrial City through the articles on our website and follow the latest news about the city.

We always advise you to contact us directly at this number 01003366453  to answer all your questions.