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4 main types of flooring that you can use to finish your home

4 main types of flooring that you can use to finish your home

4 main types of flooring that you can use to finish your home

Amal Ali 13 Mar 2023

Owning your dream home is one of the most important accomplishments you can achieve. Every individual strives for his home to be the most comfortable and quiet place, as it is the place that brings all family members together, and it is the place that witnesses all big family events.

The way of finishing your home is no less important than the successful choice of your home. The style and way in which the home is coordinated and finished and the decoration design directly affect your living experience inside the home. Without noticing, you will find that every detail in the design and finishing of the house plays a role in influencing your mood at home, as well as your ability to meet your needs at home easily.

Finishing your home takes place in many varied stages, and the finishing decisions are multiple. Therefore, doing your research to choose what suits your life and taste will save you a lot of effort and achieve satisfactory results.

In today's topic, we will help you learn about the different types of floors that you can choose from while finishing your home. Read on to know the most important details.

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The importance of flooring in interior design

Flooring is one of the most important elements of interior design as a whole. Flooring is not only considered an element of decoration, but it plays a much more important role than that. It is considered the basic foundation for the formation of your home, on which the rest of the other elements depend.

Your appropriate choice of the type of flooring used inside your home makes it easier for you to choose the rest of the elements such as walls, furnishings, and types of décor or accessories used in the home.

You can get confused while choosing the right flooring for your home and the decision is difficult, so we will help you set specific criteria that will help you during the selection. Read the next paragraph

3 Criteria that you can consider when choosing house flooring 

When you start thinking about finishing your home and choosing what type of flooring is right for you, you can consider some elements that will guide you to the perfect choice.


Choosing the general design direction for your home will save you a lot of effort. You have to know from the start whether you want a classic design or a modern décor and design, and do you care that the design is simple or do you want to add a lot of details? Finally, you have to determine what element you most want to show inside your home, are the wall colors, the furnishings, or the floors will be your artistic element?


Determining the type of function the flooring will perform is very important as it helps you make your choices. The function of the floors depends largely on the place where they will be used, for example in the children’s rooms you will want to use floors that provide you with a higher degree of safety and a high ability of endurance, while the reception halls you will want to use flooring with higher aesthetic specifications, while the bathrooms and kitchens will interest you Practical and easy-to-clean floors.


The price category of flooring and the cost of its installation and implementation is one of the most important determinants of your decision. You have to make a clear financial plan for the cost of finishing your home and set an approximate amount for the floors. The cost element will help you to exclude a group of floors due to their high cost and thus start searching for other types of floors of high value but at a lower cost.

Try to consider these three criteria before purchasing and installing flooring. In the following points, we will show you 4 types of floors that you can choose from, the function of each type, and their cost.

4 flooring types

If you have finished your home before or are at the beginning of your home finishing journey, you surely know that flooring is a huge world that includes many different choices. Therefore, knowing each type helps you to make your own decisions and choose what suits the nature of your life inside the house.


Parquet or wood is one of the finest and best types of flooring that you can use. Its appearance is elegant and classic and reflects a high and distinguished taste. It is preferable to use parquet or wood in bedrooms because among its characteristics is warmth and being one of the safest types of floors in case of falling if you have children.

Fitting parquet flooring

Among the disadvantages of parquet is that it makes relatively loud sounds during movement, so it is preferable to put some small carpets that reduce sounds. Among the potential drawbacks is the need to take care of wooden or parquet floors daily and to use certain cleaning methods so that they are not negatively affected by water.

Parquet is a high-cost flooring category, so you can use it in the most important areas where you want to provide a comfortable and warm environment in your home.

There are three basic types of parquet

  • Natural wood parquet, which is the most expensive type
  • Mixed parquet is a type that mixes natural and industrial wood and comes second in terms of strength, durability, and cost.
  • HDF The last type of parquet, and it is considered the most famous and the most widespread because it is cheaper, but its defect is that its life span is short.

Parquet flooring


Ceramics tiles are the most famous type and are used very widely. It is even considered the most used type among all types of floors.

Many resorts to using ceramics because it provides a very large variety of shapes and types and can be used in all parts of the house, whether rooms or halls, as well as bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic is available in different sizes and many different designs, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for more artistic designs and colors.

The biggest advantage that ceramics offers is the variety of its prices according to the type of ceramic sorting, which makes it the type that meets the desire of different financial needs. It is also easy to install, maintain, and clean.

Ceramic tiles flooring

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is one of the most high-end floorings and is considered to be a newer version of ceramic. Porcelain provides many designs and comes in the form of large pieces that are fitted together like ceramics, but its installation requires high skill on the part of the workers to come out correctly.

Porcelain is characterized by hardness, strength, and high endurance. It is stronger than ceramic and is highly resistant to water absorption and does not require maintenance.

It is suitable for use in all places, especially spacious halls, and entrances, as it gives a sense of elegance due to the presence of its distinctive luster. It is advised to avoid using it in bedrooms. As for the prices, it belongs to the higher price categories, but it is less expensive than marble.

porcelain tiles for flooring


Everyone knows tiles, as it is one of the oldest types of flooring that has ever been used. Tiles appeared long before ceramics and porcelain. At present, many people have avoided using tiles due to the presence of ceramic types at a price similar to tiles, but with more beautiful and quality designs.

Despite the emergence of newer types of floors, the tiles still retain their value due to the distinguished function they provide at prices that are the lowest compared to other types of floors. Newer types of tiles are being introduced, such as terrazzo tiles, in which broken marble is used.

The tiles are very suitable for use in roofing and as secondary flooring for the installation of carpeting and other floors such as vinyl and wood.

Tiles flooring

Now you know more about the different types of floors that you can choose from. Also, there is marble but it is are very expensive and is used in massive projects such as palaces and large hotels. Some stones flooring are suitable for most of the outdoor spaces of home gardens, due to their ability to withstand weather factors and high water absorption.

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