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Your ultimate guide to finishing your home successfully

Your ultimate guide to finishing your home successfully

Your ultimate guide to finishing your home successfully

Amal Ali 29 Dec 2022

After successfully searching for your dream home, you now own your apartment, but what next? Now comes the stage of finishing the apartment, which can be a very stressful and long stage if you do not plan it well. Therefore, we will assist you in knowing the most important finishing steps that you must take into account while completing all the work in your home.

The stage of establishing your apartment is the most important step that you will go through because it is the base that will determine your level of comfort within your home. If any problem occurs at this stage and you do not pay attention to it, you will later find yourself forced to return and repair the work, which will cost you additional amounts of money and more effort later. That is why we advise you to plan and think well before you start finishing and furnishing your home. 

What are the most important finishing steps to take into consideration?

In the beginning, you should know that the cost of finishing is very high, but it varies according to the type of finishing and the size of the apartment, as well as the quality of the materials used in the finishing. Surely everyone is looking for any opportunity to save, but we always advise you to be careful and not resort to the cheapest materials and choices.

During the finishing stage of the apartment, you can seek the help of finishing specialists or one of the interior engineers. This responsible person will assist you further in planning and implementation, which will save you a lot of time and effort. But it is also possible for you to supervise the finishing of your home, and in this case, you must increase your knowledge about this field before proceeding with the finishing.

Here are the most important finishing stages

First: the planning stage

At this stage, you take your time to evaluate all the work that the apartment requires, starting from the condition in which you will receive it. Is it core & shell, semi-finished, or fully finished & you will only have to furnish the house?

Planning well for all the upcoming stages will help you avoid many obstacles later. Make an initial drawing of the interior plan of the apartment and determine if you want to make adjustments to the interior design of the apartment if you want to get rid of some walls or build additional internal partitions. 

The kitchen is one of the most common places that people change its space, where you can open it to the hall However, it is always advised not to take from the space of the reception for the expense of the kitchen. Also in this stage, try to locate electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, and other outlets.

Also, one of the most important steps in this phase is to clearly define your budget and set an amount of money for finishing costs. Try to stick to this amount, but you should also expect some extra or additional costs.

Second: the establishment stage

To ensure a successful establishment of your apartment, you must carefully search for experienced workers, and it is preferable to take nominations of people who have worked with them previously. At this stage, you will need to establish your apartment in several aspects, as follows:

  • Establishing electricity: We often hear about many problems that occur in homes because of electricity, and this is due to errors in the establishment process. At this stage, you will extend the places of pipes and hoses that contain cables and install electrical boxes. It will also determine the locations of the electrical outlets so that the wires will be drawn inside the pipes.
  • Plumbing Establishment: Plumbing is one of the most vital finishes that greatly affects the efficiency of your stay at home. It is known that the establishment of plumbing is based on the kitchen and bathroom and includes the extension of water and drainage pipes and electric heaters in addition to basins and water mixers. You must be keen to use original products of high quality.
  • Air conditioners and their drainage: If you intend to install air conditioners at some point, you must plan for them in advance so that you do not have to ruin your finishes later. You choose a location with no obstacle on the wall. You will have to supply electricity wires for the air conditioner, and you will have to consider providing pipes for the air conditioner drain.

Building isolation: isolation is one of the most important steps that will completely change your residence inside your apartment, because this step protects the apartment from moisture and heat, and therefore protects the concrete of the property and makes it live longer. This process makes it possible to avoid problems of poor water drainage, especially rainwater, and other problems. This process is easy if you target the right places so you will need skilled workers for this task.

Third: the flooring and ceramic stage 

At this stage, you will choose the type of flooring suitable for your use and in line with your taste. The floors vary between tiles, ceramics, porcelain, and HDF. 

Each type of these floor has certain properties that you should know and you must take into account if you choose a porcelain that it requires a certain skill from the workers and cannot be treated like ceramic.

Fourth: painting and decoration

It is considered the last step of finishing the apartment, and it is one of the stages that show the shape of your apartment and make you feel accomplished. Paints can completely change the features of your apartment. 

Care must be taken in the quality of the shell for the result of the paints to be satisfactory. There are a set of criteria that you have to consider while choosing wall paints. Always use light colors in narrow spaces to make it feel more spacious, and try to make most of the apartment’s colors the same scheme, and if you want to use dark colors, they should be on only one wall.

Here is a list to collect the most important points that you can write down and check for completion while finishing your home.

  • Core & Shell
  • Electricity (extension of electricity lines through the walls, installation of electrical boxes, and identification of electrical outlets)
  • Plumbing (establishing the kitchen and bathroom, connecting water, and installing drainage pipes)
  • Carpentry (including kitchen units, windows, and doors, as well as any units you wish to establish inside the house)
  • Thermal isolation
  • Ceilings and gypsum board
  • floors
  • Gas (connecting natural gas pipes and heaters)
  • Walls & Paints 

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