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Hacienda West North Coast Last Updated At : 01 May 2024

Hacienda West North Coast (0 Properties)

Egypt, Marsa Matrouh, North Coast For Sale

  • Starting Price: 29.6M
  • Down Payment: 10 %
  • Installments: Over 8 years
  • Delivery Date: 2026


Hacienda West North Coast, Jewel of North Coast villages, and the gift of the real estate giant in Egypt, Palm Hills Real Estate, for those who desire beauty and elegance, and for those who want to relax and enjoy the unique silver in the most charming places, the North Coast, specifically the 200 km Alexandria Matrouh Road, where calm his waves, and the attractiveness of his clear suns, when they caress the face of the water and the lips of the sand, increases the beauty of beauty.

Hacienda West North Coast مشروع هاسيندا ويست الساحل الشمالي

Palm Hills Developments has chosen the location of Hacienda West North Coast village very carefully and according to precise specifications, which enabled it, with the strength of will and good management, to make it a fully integrated global city, and it was built on an area of 137 acres, a sea view of 400 meters, and a depth of one and a half kilometers.

Palm Hills Developments has a long history and insight into the real estate field. It works with its full capacity to make great strides in the development of the real estate market by establishing contemporary and modern urban communities similar to Europe, and even superior to it, and this is what made it one of the largest and most important real estate companies in Egypt since its launch and establishment in 2005, As a joint-stock company by Mansour Group and the Maghraby Company for Development and Investment.

It is indicated that Palm Hills Developments Company was listed on the London Stock Exchange as it was previously listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and its board of directors is headed by Yassin Mansour, one of the second richest Egyptian families, the Mansour family.

According to what Forbes Middle East published last June, about the richest Arab families in 2021, the three brothers, Yassin Mansour, Muhammad Mansour, and Youssef Mansour have a total fortune of about $ 5.1 billion, and they gathered their wealth through the Mansour family group founded by their father, Lutfi Mansour, he was established in 1952, and the number of its employees is more than 60 thousand, and this is what makes Palm Hills Development, according to Forbes magazine statistics, one of the largest real estate developers in Egypt.

Palm Hills Real Estate has a large variety of giant and luxurious projects spread in various cities and regions, ranging between tourist units and residential units in Cairo, the Fifth Settlement, the North Coast, October, and the Red Sea, and we mention them:-

Palm Hills projects east of New Cairo:-

  1. Palm Hills Katameya Compound
  3. Village Gardens Katameya Compound
  5. Capital Gardens Compound
  7. The Village Compound
  9. Palm Hills New Cairo project
  11. Village Avenue Project
  13. Village Gate Project

Palm Hills projects west of New Cairo:-

  1. golf view
  3. golf extension
  5. Palm Park Casa
  7. Woodville
  9. Bamboo Extension
  11. Palm Hills October
  13. The Crown
  15. Badya October Palm Hills
  17. Palm Valley

Palm Hills projects in the North Coast:-

  1. Hacienda Bay
  3. Hacienda White
  5. Hacienda West
  7. Palm Hills New Alamein

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna projects:-

Laguna Bay Palm Hills Sokhna

What are the services of Hacienda West North Coast?

Hacienda West North Coast Village was designed on an area of 137 acres, with a building area of only 21%, and the number of units is approximately 300 units, while the remaining area is dedicated to services, where all the services and features needed by guests and owners were provided to be in one place, here we list some of the services that distinguish Hacienda West North Coast, including; All units have supplies for the landline network, and each unit has a private car park, and there are reception rooms, as well as rooms for assistants and drivers.

The Palm Hills Real Estate Company has also worked to provide most of the complementary services in its distinctive village of Hacienda West North Coast, including internal electric elevators, the terrace, and the roof on the upper floor, as well as on the last floor, but most units overlook the sea directly, and the rest of the units do not overlook the sea, attached swimming pools.

There are some other advantages and commercial services such as car rental offices, shopping centers, beauty centers, health centers, veterinary treatment centers, gift shops, flower shops, and there are luxury international restaurants that offer international food and beverage menus, and there are car maintenance centers of all kinds.

Hacienda West North Coast مشروع هاسيندا ويست الساحل الشمالي

Hacienda West North Coast مشروع هاسيندا ويست الساحل الشمالي

Hacienda West North Coast مشروع هاسيندا ويست الساحل الشمالي

Hacienda West North Coast مشروع هاسيندا ويست الساحل الشمالي

What are the payment plans available to reserve a unit in Hacienda West North Coast?

Payment methods vary for booking a unit in the village of Hacienda North Coast, either paying the full amount immediately upon contracting or paying the agreed amount as a 10% reservation, and 5% of the unit value upon contracting, and paying the rest of the payments over different periods of up to 8 years.

When will Hacienda West North Coast units be delivered?

Delivery after 3 years of contracting, Beach House is Core and shell, and all chalets are fully finished.

How to book a unit in Hacienda West North Coast?

Perhaps it is the opportunity, try to seize it, and book your unit now in the wonderful and distinguished Hacienda West Village project with all its services and the best location on the North Coast, to get the best offers and prices, contact us on the following number: +201003366453 - +201126662221 Or you can request a Call Back

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About the developer

Palm Hills Developments is a leading real estate company in the Egyptian market, primarily developing integrated residential, commercial real estate and resort projects.  Founded in 2005 by Mansour and Maghraby Investment and Development Company, the company which is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. Now for a limited time on... Read more