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Mountain View 1.1 Extension Last Updated At : 07 November 2022

Mountain View 1.1 Extension (12 Properties)

Egypt, Cairo, New Cairo For Sale

  • Starting Price: 3.85M
  • Down Payment: 10 %
  • Installments: Over 7 years
  • Delivery Date: 2025


Mountain View 1.1 Extension; Every day, new real estate and residential projects are announced, but it’s not easy finding an ideal residential project for you. In today's topic, we will present to you one of the projects that are not easily repeated, here you have Mountain View 1.1 Extension- New Cairo. For a long time, Mountain View 1 project was a dream for many, and now Mountain View offers a second chance to live this dream.

Mountain View Development was able to prove that it is one of the largest developers in Egypt, as evidenced by its series of luxury projects spread along the most important areas of Egypt such as New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, the North Coast, and the Red Sea.

Learn more about Mountain View and its vision and most important goals through this article, and we advise you to browse the rest of the articles as well for more information on real estate.

Mountain View Is More Than A Real Estate Developer. A Whole Integrated Residential Community.

Take the opportunity and be the first to know the details of MV 1.1 Extension the latest project by Mountain View Development,

For information, call us on 01003366453

Request the project brochure via WhatsApp 01125282828 Click here

Mountain-View-1.1-Extension-New-cairo-unit-types-انواع-وحدات-ماونتن-فيو 1.1 اكستينشن-القاهرة-الجديدة

Mountain View 1.1 Extension Location

In the heart of New Cairo, right next to Mountain View 1, Mountain View 1.1 Extension Compound. As we are used to all Mountain View projects, they are located in the most distinguished geographical locations that provide ease of movement and movement for all its residents.

Mountain View 1.1 Extension Compound is located directly next to Mountain View 1 and benefits from all the main roads around New Cairo. All your movements will be easy through the road network surrounding Mountain View 1.1 Extension:

  • North 90th Street.
  • South 90th Street.
  • Mohamed Naguib axis.
  • Suez Road.
  • Ring road.

Mountain-View-1.1-Extension-New-cairo-Location-موقع-ماونتن فيو 1.1 اكستينشن-القاهرة-الجديدة

In addition, Mountain View 1.1 Extension Compound is surrounded by a group of the most important facilities and various projects, for example:

Mountain View 1.1 Extension Details

Mountain View was keen on making this new phase of Mountain View 1.1 Extension expansion that is no less luxurious and quality than its previous projects, but rather it was very distinguished through the set of features and services provided by the compound.

Mountain View 1.1 Extension Compound is being established on a large land area of 130 acres. This new phase is divided into two parts:

  1. The first is dedicated to villas (Mountain 1.1 View The Villa) with a total of 65 acres
  2. The second part is for apartments and I villas (Mountain View 1.1 The Park)

As usual for all Mountain View projects, it is concerned with all its projects being a representation of a luxurious style, with priority given to providing all means of protection and preserving privacy for residents.

Mountain View projects are always unique and have a distinctive architectural style that mimics the style of American homes that mixes modernity, quality, and simplicity. 

As well, Mountain View continues to maintain its distinctive colors of the white and blue palette. Thus, all Mountain View projects achieve the difficult equation and provide you with a high-quality and luxurious residential product, security, and a friendly environment and neighborhood for residents.

What are Mountain View 1.1 Extension unit types?

As we mentioned in a previous paragraph, Mountain View 1.1 Extension is divided into two phases, and thus the project offers a variety of units, starting with apartments, I villa, and even standalone villas. 

As for the Mountain View 1.1 Extension spaces, they are varied and you will find everything you are looking for. Here are some Mountain View 1.1 Extension spaces:

  • Millennial apartments 3 BDR with an area starting from 140 m²
  • The spaces of the I-villa start from 215 m² and reach up to 265 m², and the spaces vary according to the different locations of the villa.
  • Standalone villas with spaces start from 255 square meters and reach the largest area of 670 square meters

If you want to know more spaces, you can contact us directly at this number and we will help you find the right unit for you.

Mountain-View-1.1-Extension-New-cairo-ماونتن فيو 1.1 اكستينشن-القاهرة-الجديدة

What are Mountain View 1.1 Extension features?

Once you belong to one of the Mountain View projects, you join an integrated community and get more than just a housing place. Mountain View is very keen to reach its goal and vision by creating comfortable and elegant residential communities, and it carries out its mission by ensuring the provision of fixed and basic factors in all of its projects.

  • Large green spaces that help improve air quality inside each residential compound
  • Maintaining the element of security and privacy by providing protection and security systems and surveillance cameras of the highest quality
  • The combination of aesthetic specifications as well as practicality in use and the exploitation of all places and spaces very well.
  • Ensure that each unit has a panoramic view of either green spaces or water features.
  • Extensive planning of the internal streets in the compound to facilitate the movement of cars while providing sidewalks and pedestrian paths
  • Supporting sports by providing different playgrounds for all sports and tracks for running and cycling.
  • Supporting interaction between community members, practicing social activities, and not being too involved in electronic life. This is what the company made clear through its recent Bubble free advertising campaign
  • You will find different entertainment places for children
  • Swimming pools and lakes
  • Open spaces for barbecues and social events.

What are Mountain View 1.1 Extension prices?

For all those interested in belonging to the Mountain View community, do not miss this opportunity. Own your unit now and take advantage of these prices. We will provide you with a model for Mountain View 1.1 Extension prices>

And we advise you to always review the latest price updates, as they are subject to change and modification according to the latest developments in the real estate market.

Mountain View 1.1 Extension (Villas) Prices

  • Crown Palace space of 670 square meters, price starts from 45,500,000 EGP
  • Mountain View House, space of 540 square meters, and the price starts from 36,500,000 EGP
  • Valley View Villa of 455 square meters and prices start from 31,500,000 EGP
  • 350 m² mansion, prices start from 19,700,000 EGP
  • luxury plus 4 bedroom units with an area starting from 285 square meters, starting prices from 16,500,000 EGP
  • luxury plus 3 bedroom units with an area of 255 square meters and prices starting from 15,250,000 EGP

Mountain View 1.1 Extension Prices (apartments and I villas)

  • 3-bedroom apartment with an area of 140 m², the price starts from 3,850,000 EGP
  • I Villa Corner with space of 235 m², price starts from 7,700,000 EGP
  • I Villa Roof Garden areas ranging from 215-250 square meters, the price starts from 6,500,000 EGP

Mountain View 1.1 Extension Payment Method

Mountain View offers an opportunity for installments where you can pay a 10% down payment, 5% after 3 months, and install the rest of the amount over a period of up to 7 years.

As for the delivery date of Mountain View 1.1 Extension, it ranges from 3 years to 3 and a half years. It is worth noting that the units can now be pre-booked by paying a refundable amount.

  • 100,000 EGP for villas.
  • 50,000 EGP for apartments and any villas.

How to Book in MV 1.1 Extension Compound?

Take the opportunity and be the first to know the details of MV 1.1 Extension the latest project by Mountain View Development,

For information, call us on 01003366453

Request the project brochure via WhatsApp 01125282828 Click here

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Compound Unit Types

  • Area

    140 m2 - m2

  • Price

    3.85M EGP - EGP

  • Area

    215 m2 - 265 m2

  • Price

    6.5M EGP - 7.7M EGP

  • Area

    255 m2 - 670 m2

  • Price

    15.25M EGP - 45.5M EGP

Compound Location

About the developer

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Facilities and Services

  • Cafe and Restaurant
  • Swimming Pools