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Mountain View iCity 6th October Lagoon Beach Park Last Updated At : 28 September 2022

Mountain View iCity 6th October Lagoon Beach Park (8 Properties)

Egypt, Giza, 6th of october For Sale

  • Starting Price: 1.76M
  • Down Payment: 10 %
  • Installments: Over 9 years
  • Delivery Date: 2026


For the first time in the 6th of October, Mountain View is launching Lagoon Beach Park at iCity October to give you the lagoon living experience. Join the vacation nation and have your own getaway every day.

Mountain View iCity Lagoon Beach Park the latest phase of iCity October located in 6th October City 2 minutes away from Shooting Club 5 minutes from Mall of Arabia 5 minutes from Juhayna Square 4 minutes from MV Square 4 minutes away from Chillout Park. offers you in Beach fron Beach house villasiVilla roofiVilla garden, and 2 & 3 bedrooms Millennial apartments, space start from 115 sqm to 250 sqm. apartments price starting from 1,760,000 EGP, iVilla garden price starting from 2,875,000 EGP, iVilla roof price starting from 2,975,000 EGP & Beach house villas price starting from 3.550.000 EGP.

Down payment 10% and installments over 9 years

Take the opportunity and be the first to know about Lagoon Beach Park the latest phase in  is the new phase of iCity October by Mountain View, For information contact us on the numbers 01003366453 - 01126662221

While iCity came out as the first innovative city in Egypt & the Middle East by integrating pure nature with world-class innovations & designs, it also became Egypt’s premium melting pot of diverse interests and cultures. This is because Mountain View’s collaboration with the best architects worldwide resulted in turning 470 feddans into 5 different elevated islands, each with its unique identity and lifestyle, creating a perfect environment for next generations to grow up healthy, creative, and dependable.

Vacations are one of the few things that have no downsides whatsoever. Many studies have shown that they actually lead to lowered stress, improved health, and increased happiness and creativity. But we don’t need science to tell us that, we all instinctively know the elating feeling of taking some time off of work and responsibility and enjoy quality time where only ourselves are the priority.

What If “Back Home” Was a Vacation? A vacation may be the one thing we’d travel huge distances for. Our yearly vacations have us planning our days off from work, weeks in advance hoping to refresh and recharge. Living the everyday vacation mode is what Lagoon Beach Park achieved for the very first time in Egypt; bringing sandy beaches and crystal water to your doorstep in Cairo. Every inch of Lagoon Beach Park is designed to make every single day a happy, wholesome vacation day.

iCity October lagoon Beach Park Location

Mountain View iCity October lagoon Beach Park your shortest trip to the vacation nation, iCity October lagoon Beach Park going to the beach so pack your things, or don’t.

Because your home in iCity’s Lagoon Beach Park is located in the heart of October City; bringing the beach to an exceptional location that puts you minutes away from all that this lively destination has to offer: 2 minutes away from Shooting Club 5 minutes from Mall of Arabia 5 minutes from Juhayna Square 4 minutes from MV Square 4 minutes away from Chillout Park.

A life where diverse lifestyles are celebrated in one place; this is what iCity’s all about. In collaboration with the best architects worldwide from CallisonRTKL, Mountain View turned 470 feddans into 5 different elevated islands each has its very own identity, connected by a stunning corniche, separating roads from the pedestrian network for your safety. iCity was designed to be the first innovative city in Egypt & the Middle East, integrating pure mesmerizing nature with progressive smart designs, and bringing together all the joys of life for your happy family.

  4. MV CLUB

A view is one of these things that can help you make a decision regarding your new home. Fortunately, Lagoon Beach Park homes give you 100% premium views; 17% of which are blessed with idyllic views of the vast greenery of the Central Park, and the other 83% fully enjoy majestic views of the lagoon. All of these paint your view with natural colorful beauty, helping you get rid of stress and vastly improving your mood and health.

Facilities and Amenities

iCity 6th October Lagoon Park Swimmable Lagoon

Akin to the clearest beaches in the globe, the ones we picture ourselves spending hours on their sand, The Swimmable Lagoon is using cutting-edge filtering technology to provide clear turquoise water that you’ll love every moment you spend soaking in it, so clear that it clears your mind every time you see it. Not just creating a mediocre vacation lifestyle, but bringing the most sublime, magical beach experience your family could have anywhere.

The Activity Islands

Besides The Residential Islands, where there are best views and proximity to the lagoon’s beach, The Activity Islands are where you can find the most lively vibes and fun times in all of Cairo. With numerous activities to take part in and purely natural surroundings only, The Activity Islands are where the sun feels its best and your day-to-day life changes 180 degrees.

The Lagoon Activities

These islands are all about exploring different & exciting activities in the best surrounding there is: SUP Yoga: Take your stand-up paddleboard and paddle your way to a calm spot and meditate in the middle of the crystal clear water. Canoeing & Kayaking: For those of you who love to relax when paddling & navigating refreshing waters.

Vacation Nation Playtime

Water Cycling: With the latest innovation in beach entertainment, you’ll have the unique experience of cycling your way through the water. Water Aerobics: Find out how fun working out can be in an enjoyable atmosphere that focuses on fitness and endurance in the most refreshing way possible. Because life on the Lagoon Beach Park islands makes you never miss out on the fun. Beach Volleyball & Racket: Enjoy a fun game of racket or beach volleyball with friends and family while soaking on the Lagoon’s sandy beach.

The Beach Boardwalk

It wouldn’t be a vacation without fun sunset walks. The Beach Boardwalk is an exuberant promenade with a spectrum of food kiosks & the vast outdoor space you need for walks, biking, and wholesome family fun. Making your Cairo home worthy of being called an everyday vacation home.

The Beach Drive

Lagoon Beach Park is the peak of a relaxed living experience, but it still designed and planned the Mountain View way; safe, meticulous, hassle-free. The Beach Drive is one example of that: one street connecting the whole project, prioritizing safety, and reducing levels of traffic and noise to an absolute minimum, to go with the calming atmosphere you feel even while driving around in Lagoon Beach Park.

What are Lagoon Beach Park iCity October unit types?

Mountain View iCity Lagoon Beach Park the latest phase of iCity 6th October offers you in Beach fron Standalone villasiVilla roofiVilla garden, and 2 & 3 bedrooms Millennial apartments, space start from 115 sqm to 250 sqm.

The Beach House

The Beach House is located in our Cherry on the top zone, with its own beach flexibility of choosing your own house from a variety of areas and designs. The Beach House hits every mark when it comes to exclusivity and privacy, but more important is how these terms apply to the vibrant nature of Lagoon Beach Park. Living in one of these top-end waterfront villas gives you a sense of luxury that the tropical marvel you live in is built just for you.


Your Gate To The Unique Beach-City Lifestyle Transforming the iVilla to a unique residential building that brings together the new Lagoon Edition of all the ground-breaking home innovations: the iVilla Roof, iVilla Garden, Millennial Apartments, and of course the Beach House; a tropical gem that gives you direct access to the Swimmable Lagoon, beach, and promenade, along with its own private entrance and underground parking. A one-of-a-kind home for the one-of-a-kind life your family gets in Lagoon Beach Park.

Mountain View - iCity October Lagoon Beach Park Prices

Beach Front Lagoon View

  • Beach house A plus lagoon front  250meter starting price 4.600.000 EGP
  • Beach house A lagoon front 240 meter starting price 4.450.000 EGP
  • Beach house B lagoon front 180 meter starting 3.750.000 EGP
  • Beach house C lagoon front 180 meter 3.550.000 EGP
  • Ivilla roof lagoon front 190 meter starting price 3.250.000 EGP
  • Millennial plus (3bds) 175 meter starting price 2.600.000 EGP
  • Millennial lagoon front 115 meter (2bds) starting price 1.975.000 EGP