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Cityscape Egypt 2022 Newest Edition with A Strong Vision

Cityscape Egypt 2022 Newest Edition with A Strong Vision

Cityscape Egypt 2022 Newest Edition with A Strong Vision

Inland 09 Mar 2020

Get ready to attend the biggest real estate event in Egypt Cityscape 2022.

Cityscape 2022 exhibition will be held this year from September 21st to 24th from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm over four days. The exhibition will be held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in the Fifth Settlement. It is worth noting that Cityscape comes with the support of the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, and Dr. Hala Al-Saeed is scheduled to give the opening speech for the conference.

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What is the Cityscape exhibition?

Cityscape exhibition is one of the largest real estate exhibitions held in Egypt and other Arab countries. Cityscape is one of the most powerful and influential exhibitions in the real estate development and investment sector.

Cityscape exhibition provides a strong opportunity for all real estate developers to showcase their projects and communicate on the ground with a large network of workers and investors in the real estate sector. In addition, it provides an ideal opportunity for all individuals wishing to learn about the latest real estate projects and navigate between them all in one place.

This year's conference will discuss the issue of green transformation and the conference will address many important topics by holding workshops on architecture, technology, and global crises affecting the real estate industry.

The most important features of the Cityscape Exhibition

Many of the advantages offered by Cityscape to visitors as it serves all parties in this real estate event. For all visitors and customers, you will find all the following services that you can take advantage of:

  • Signing investment deals
  • You can get real estate advice from experts
  • You will benefit from exclusive offers and discounts within the exhibition
  • Gathering the most important real estate developers in one place
  • Networking with a broad amount of real estate experts and agents

How can you benefit from the Cityscape exhibition?

It interests us that you take advantage of the Cityscape 2022 if you are considering visiting the exhibition this year. Here are some tips that might help you:

  • Set your goals before visiting the exhibition (do you want to buy or just want to participate and view the project?)
  • Be sure to know the developers participating in the exhibition this year
  • Search for offers and discounts and decide how you can take advantage of them
  • Try to merge and form a network of relationships that will benefit you later if you think of buying or investing
  • You can attend seminars and conferences hosted by the exhibition to increase your knowledge about the real estate sector in general
  • Take advantage of the opportunity and make your decision to invest if you find the right deal for you

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Cityscape 2022 exhibition Details 

Cityscape hosts more than 70 real estate companies and developers. This huge number of exhibitors will allow customers to get to know as many projects as possible and choose what suits them. The participating real estate developers are diverse, and the companies represent several different countries, including:

As for the types of projects presented at the Cityscape Real Estate Exhibition, they display a very wide segment of real estate properties:

  • Residential real estate
  • Medical real estate 
  • Commercial real estate, including retail, restaurants, and food
  • Administrative real estate

Cityscape 2022 exhibitor List 

Cityscape 2022 will witness the participation of a huge number of real estate developers, and everyone is competing to show the efficiency of their projects. Here is a list of the most important real estate developers participating in the Cityscape Egypt 2022 edition:

These are only samples of the companies in the exhibition, and you can always follow us to find out more developers and information about Cityscape 2022.

Find out Cityscape 2022 exclusive offers

Al Ahly Sabbour 

Odyssey Project 

  • 0% down payment and 10 years equal installments

Gaia Project 

  • 0% down payment and 8 years equal installments
  • 5% down payment and  9 years equal installments
  • 10% down payment and the rest of the money in installments over 10 years equal installments

Keeva project

  • 0% down payment and 8 years equal installments
  • 5% down payment and installments over 9 years equal installments
  • 10% down payment and the rest of the money in installments over 10 years equal installments

Amwaj Project

  • 15% down payment 8 years equal installments 
  • 10% down payment and 6 years equal installments 

Marakez Developments

  • D5 residential (all plateau, club side, and Greenville): 0% over 8 years

Aeon Towers 6 October :

  • North Tower: 0% Downpayment over 8 years
  • Middle Tower : 0% downpayment over 7 years

Ora Developments

Zed Elsheikh Zayed:

0% over 8 years

Zed East New Cairo:

  • Apartments: 0% over 9 years
  • Villas, Duplexes, Townhouses, and chalets: 5% and 5 after 3 months over 8 years

Madar Developments

Azha Sokhna:

  • 10% over 10 years

Azha North Coast:

  • 5% and 5% after 2 months over 9 years

Any client who will reserve any unit with 50k non-refundable can have a cityscape offer in Azha Sokhna & Azha North.

A new phase in azha Sokhna will be released featuring (1,2, 3 bedroom chalets, and twin houses on the lagoon), in addition to RTM units.

New buildings will be released in Azha North.

Al Reedy Group

Azzar Islands North Coast 

  • 0% Down Payment over 6 years equally
  • 0% Down Payment over 7 years equally
  • 5% Down Payment over 8 years equally

Jumeirah Egypt

Naya Bay North Coast:

  • 0% down payment and installments up to 9 years

Orascom Developments

O-West 6th October

  • 5% down payment over 9 years

Tatweer Misr

Bloomfields Mostakbal City (Apartments only)

  • 5% down payment and  9 years equal installments

Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna:

  • B10 and E1 will be available on inventory 

D-Bay North Coast:

  • 5% down payment, 5% after 3 months + installments

Waterway Developments

Capital way New Capital

  • 5% down payment, 5% after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 8 years

Waterway North Coast Project

  • 5% down payment, 5% after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 7.5 years

The View Project

  • 10% down payment and installments over 7 years

Il cazar developments

Nord El Alamein and Creek Town Project: 5% discount

Iwan developments

Majada Ain Al-Sokhna 

The Axis 6th October

  • 0% down payment over 8 years
  • 10% down payment over 10 years

IGI Developments

Ashgar Heights Twin Villas

  • 5% down payment over 8 years
  • Ashgar Heights Apartments up to 9 years installments


  • 5% down payment and 8 years installments

Why real estate exhibitions are important? 

Real estate exhibitions play a strong role in revitalizing the movement of the real estate market because it mainly works to support relationships between company owners, developers, and customers. Real estate exhibitions also provide an opportunity to raise awareness about the real estate sector and the challenges it faces and activates the investment movement.

Although some believe that holding real estate exhibitions is an old method and prefer to rely on digital marketing only, many real estate development companies realize the importance of exhibitions and are keen to participate in them constantly. This care is because real estate exhibitions are one of the very powerful marketing tools for developers. After all, they put them in direct contact with customers where they can interact in real-life events.

Egypt is support real estate exhibitions, and the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities adopt several exhibitions, including Cityscape. One of the biggest advantages offered by the exhibitions supported by the Ministry of Housing is the attraction of citizens to this type of exhibition is very high because it holds the status of the Ministry of Housing.

This type of exhibition helps in promoting Egypt in different forums and helps in attracting attention to the real estate market in Egypt, which increases and opens more doors for real estate investments. In addition, all these real estate events are included in Egypt's plan for urban expansion and development, which is the main part of Egypt's Vision 2030 under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

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