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Inertia Egypt's Projects

Inertia Egypt was established in 2007, it is a subsidiary of the Inertia Holding Group, and was characterized by credibility and honesty in dealing with all its clients to provide everything new in the world of high-end residential life.
Inertia Egypt has established a good number of major projects, which have met with great success in the Egyptian real estate market. 

Inertia Egypt owns huge areas of land in Cairo, the North Coast, and the Red Sea, amounting to 6.3 million square meters, with investments of up to 71 billion pounds, Through 8 major projects, the total number of offered units is estimated to be 5,000 units, and the sales percentage has reached nearly 74%.
Inertia Egypt was founded by the best engineers, skilled and distinguished experts in the architectural field, with long experience. It is worth mentioning that the representatives of Inertia Egypt are Eng. Ahmed El-Adawy, CEO of Inertia Egypt, and Eng. Hussein El-Refai, co-founder and CEO of Inertia Engineering and trade.

Projects of Inertia Egypt Developments

Inertia Egypt is famous for its high-quality projects and attractive, colorful, and distinctive designs that meet the needs of different people

Medical centers

  • Medipoint Sheikh Zayed
  • Medipoint Mena Plaza


  • Moist Hills
  • Solaya
  • Brix
  • Jules in Cairo
  • G- Crips  El Gouna
  • Veranda Sahl Hasheesh
  • Jefaira North Coast

The largest projects of Inertia Egypt | Jefaira North Coast

Inertia Egypt had previously announced its contract with Redcon Development Company, to implement the contracting works in its Jefaira North Coast project, as part of the fourth generation cities projects. Located on an area of 5.5 million meters on the North Coast. Al-Adawy, the CEO, said that Inertia is keen to use major companies specialized in all the works required by the company's projects, including the Jefaira North Coast project, as it is the most important and largest project. The agreed tasks, which contribute to accelerating the pace of work and carrying out the work on time, and it is one of the companies known for its efficiency in the fields in which it operates.

It is worth noting that Jefaira North Coast is one of the best and most amazing projects of the Ras Al Hekma area for 2021 - 2022. It has unique services and charming features, which make you feel real comfort and charm while staying in it. Jefaira is located in kilo 200 Alexandria-Matrouh Road. Jefaira North Coast has designed with a beach length of 3600 m, on an area of 5.5 million square meters, and a depth of 2200 m, and it is developed by a company Inertia Egypt. Jefaira North Coast units vary between apartments, chalets, stand-alone villas, and townhouses, with a Down Payment of 10% and the rest in installments over 8 years without interest. 

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