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Stella Riviera North Coast: Best Opportunities and Prices

Stella Riviera North Coast: Best Opportunities and Prices

Stella Riviera North Coast: Best Opportunities and Prices

Tasneem Khalil 21 May 2024

Stella Riviera North Coast

Do you miss spending Summer like there's no tomorrow? Did you like enjoying Stella Di Mare and Stella Makadi when you were younger? Remco Development, the developer of these amazing resorts and hotels, introduces to you a unique concept in coastal properties. Stella Riviera North Coast sets a new standard with its exceptional advantages and strategic location.

The resort is located in Sidi Abdelrhman area, which is popular for its clear water and sandy beaches. This lets you have an amazing summer experience without missing out on the new trends. You also don't need to worry about having easy access to all necessary amenities as you'll be in an ideal location that guarantees a lifestyle of comfort and convenience.

Remco Developments has ensured that Stella Riviera North Coast meets all customer requirements with the highest quality standards and smart investment methods. The resort doesn't just stand out in the Egyptian market but its excellence also extends to the United Arab Emirates, reflecting its impressiveness in both tourism and real estate. In Stella Riviera North Coast you'll meet modern designs and luxurious finishes in all aspects of the resort, especially in its residential units. The chalets and villas come in different sizes at a reasonable price.

The details in the finishes have a mesmerizing power that will ensure you experience a premium living. Stella Riviera North Coast promises you an exceptional integration of service facilities, making it not just a summer destination but a year-round residential city. You'll have everything needed for a comfortable life, from essential services to leisure activities, so you can enjoy an amazing lifestyle throughout the year.

Stella Riviera North Coast

Developer of Stella Riviera North Coast

Remco Real Estate Development was established in 1995, and has been known for construction and development of Tourist Villages with a capital exceeding 2 billion Egyptian pounds. The company has been listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange since October 1998. Remco now operates within the consumer services sector, focusing on hotels, resorts, and cruise lines. 

Remco’s portfolio includes resorts combined with hotels, commercial areas, residential units, and entertainment services. Remco has proven its efficiency with previous projects like Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Resort, Stella Di Mare Sharm Park and Mall, Stella Di Mare Dahab Beach Hotel, and Stella Di Mare Dahab Divers Oasis. Each project reflects their commitment to quality and innovation. Their projects  include:

  • Stella Di Mare Resort Ain Sokhna
  • Stella Di Mare Country Club
  • Stella Di Mare Sea View
  • Stella Di Mare Marina Resort
  • Stella Di Mare Makadi Bay Resorts "The Gardens"
  • Stella Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort 1
  • Stella Di Mare - Al Safwa Towers
  • Stella Di Mare - New Cairo
  • Stella Di Mare - Heliopolis
  • Stella Di Mare - The Baron

Location of Stella Riviera North Coast

Stella Riviera North Coast offers you the perfect coastal experience with many advantages that starts from a premium location. You can find this resort along the Mediterranean Sea in Sidi Abdelrhman. Stella Riviera is at kilometer 135 and It's conveniently close to major roads, axes, and landmarks. This location makes it highly accessible for both residents and visitors.

Nearby Landmarks 

Stella Riviera North Coast’s location is surely a convenient one. It is close to several destinations and the main roads. The resort is close to:

  • New Alamein City: Only a 25-minute drive from the resort.
  • Wadi El Natrun: Approximately 30 minutes away, offering a quick escape to a great historic destination.
  • Dabaa Road: Just 40 minutes from the resort, providing an easy route for travelers.
  • Alexandria: Just 155 km away, making it a perfect destination for a day trip to Egypt’s second-largest city.
  • Sheikh Zayed City: In only 276 km, you can expect to reach Cairo via the Dahshur link.
  • Popular Landmarks: The resort is close to Bianchi North Coast, Marassi and Masaya Sidi Abdel Rahman, which places it within multiple luxury coastal communities.

Land Area and Design

In addition to the resort’s premium location in Sidi Abdel Rahman, Stella Riviera North Coast enjoys a massive area of 30 acres. The depth of the resort is 600 meters, and the width of the beach stretches to 200 meters by 200 meters. Therefore, Stella Riviera offers residents enough space to enjoy the amazing Mediterranean coastline. The project is also divided into 20% of buildings and the remaining 80% is dedicated to landscapes and facilities. The first phase of the project includes about 290 units, which is a limited number for everyone interested in the North Coast.

When it comes to the resort's design, you'll find an amazing modern design inspired by the beautiful Greek style. This makes Stella Riviera North Coast stand out with its eye-catching interior and exterior designs. Each unit is finished to the highest standards, providing both elegance and comfort. Thanks to the developer’s collaboration with top global construction experts to make sure every building has the finest materials that offer durability and resistance while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Masterplan of Stella Riviera North Coast

Unit Types of Stella Riviera North Coast

If you've been dreaming of owning a stunning coastal property, Stella Riviera North Coast presents one of the last opportunities to buy a chalet or villa at an exceptional location in the heart of the North Coast. The project offers different unit types in various sizes. All units are semi-finished, modernly designed and offer breathtaking views. 70% of the chalets are seaview to let residents enjoy an exceptional coastal lifestyle. The units include:

  • Chalets starting from 75 square meters.
  • Townhouses with spacious and elegant spaces starting from 190 square meters.
  • Twin Houses starting from 275 square meters.
  • Standalone Villas “S” starting from 350 square meters. 
  • Standalone Villas “W” starting from 420 square meters.

Unit Prices

Stella Riviera North Coast offers affordable luxury in the North Coast. The resort is designed to provide luxurious living at an affordable price. Let's have a look at the available options and prices:

  • Chalets come at an average price of 8.5 million EGP (125 sqm).
  • Townhouses with an average price of 14,000,000 EGP.
  • Twin Houses with an average price of 20 million EGP.
  • Standalone Villas starting from 30,000,000 EGP. 
The payment plans include a 10% down payment and installments up to 6 years. Please note that these prices may change due to market fluctuations. Click here for the latest details

Unit Types of Stella Riviera North Coast

Facilities and Amenities 

Stella Riviera Mecro is designed to be a year-round resort. That's why, it integrates comprehensive service facilities that support a comfortable lifestyle throughout the year. Those services include:

  • Artificial lakes
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Track for jogging and running
  • Garage
  • Gym
  • Swimming pools
  • Clubhouse
  • Green spaces
  • Kid’s area
  • Commercial area
  • Sports area
  • Social club
  • Health club
  • Advanced security system

Stella Riviera North Coast gives you everything you can dream about. Contact us now at 01003366453 today and take the first step towards your dream coastal home.