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Ramla Ras El Hekma: Your Luxurious Destination By Marakez

Ramla Ras El Hekma: Your Luxurious Destination By Marakez

Ramla Ras El Hekma: Your Luxurious Destination By Marakez

Tasneem Khalil 02 May 2024

Ramla Ras El Hekma is launching a new phase that promises luxury and functionality. This new phase of Ramla reflects excellence and sophistication in the North Coast. The project is developed by Marakez Company, which is known for its iconic projects like Mall of Arabia and Mansoura Mall. Marakez doesn't just develop one type of property; it has diversified its portfolio across various governorates in Egypt.

Ramla North Coast is one of Marakez's standout ventures that will help you find yourself in the middle of luxury and nature. The project is approximately 400 acres with over 1.4 kilometers of beautiful beachfront, which makes it an investor's dream. The project offers a list of amenities and commercial areas that ensures a delightful summer experience for residents and visitors alike.

Marakez Development

Marakez Real Estate Development stands as a leader in Egypt's real estate market. Since its establishment in 1990 in Saudi Arabia, Marakez has risen to the top globally, thanks to its visionary approach and commitment to excellence. From the development of Mall of Arabia in 2010 to the latest innovative projects, Marakez continues to redefine luxury living.

With a multinational team of experts, Marakez ensures that each project meets the highest standards of quality and sophistication. By providing unique investment opportunities, Marakez empowers its team to create and manage projects that deliver unparalleled experiences.

With over 1.5 million square meters of real estate and 21 diverse shopping centers in its portfolio, Marakez has gained its high position as a provider of integrated and distinguished projects. District 5 and Ramla North Coast are just two examples of Marakez's commitment to excellence in real estate development.

Ramla Ras El Hekma

Ramla Ras El Hekma by Marakez's legacy of excellence, presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking luxury and sophistication. With its strategic location, extensive amenities, and commitment to quality, Ramla North Coast promises a lifestyle of luxury and tranquility. Investing in Ramla Ras El Hekma today is considered a wise decision to experience the best of coastal living.

District 5

District 5 is a unique project that gives you a distinctive atmosphere of modernity and privacy with wonderful features and a strategic location in New Katameya. The project area is 268 acres and was designed in the finest architectural styles, following the best international standards. The project offers everything you could need from residential units, offices, a commercial center, and an entertainment area to provide a better lifestyle within walking distance of your home.

For more information about District 5, read Why Is District 5 Considered An Integrated Residential Project?

Details of Ramla Ras El Hekma 

Ramla Ras El Hekma is one of the most luxurious projects that lets you spend the summer in the most beautiful areas of the North Coast. Ramla can be everything you are looking for as it offers unmatching experience in German aesthetics. The developing company announced the launch of a new phase in the project, which is distinguished by its luxurious designs and high-end services. Ramla is distinguished by its ideal and beautiful location, as it combines nature with the charm of clear sea water. The project is considered one of the best resorts, as it enjoys a distinguished location and advanced infrastructure.

Ramla Ras El Hekma is distinguished by the development of the German company GEC, which brings you the best international technologies and designs to be part of its wonderful projects in the Middle East. Ramla also offers an exceptional experience that combines comfort and luxury, as it includes green areas and water features. Furthermore, the project provides various facilities and services that add a mixture of peacefulness and fun to the residents. The resort offers modern designs and residential units with wonderful views of the sea, to get the best residential and investment experience.

Features of Ras El Hekma

Ras El Hekma is considered one of the most beautiful areas of the North Coast, as its establishment dates back to the era of King Farouk in 1948 to be a luxury resort for the royal family and ministers. The importance of this region is due to its strategic location, beautiful sandy beaches, and mild weather in summer. Ras El Hekma is located 85 kilometers before the city of Matrouh and extends from kilometer 170 to kilometer 220 of the northwestern coast in the Dabaa area. Ras El Hekma is considered one of the favorite areas for many and was included in the country’s 2052 plan for the development of the northern coast and is expected to become among the most prestigious tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and the world within 5 years. 

Ramla's location in Ras El Hekma

Ramla Ras El Hekma is located in the most distinguished location on the North Coast at kilometer 215 in Ras El Hekma, and it is a new destination characterized by charming natural beauty and clear turquoise waters. Ramla extends along a beach extending for 1.4 km, making it an ideal destination for lovers of beaches and clear blue waters. The project's location is distinguished by its proximity to some of the most important tourist resorts on the North Coast. It is only 20 minutes from Almaza Bay Resort, about 45 minutes from Hacienda Red, and is also very close to Caesar Sodic, and you can also explore the nearby Jefaira North Coast.

Features of Ramla Ras El Hekma 

Ramla combines luxury and facilities that meet all your needs to enjoy your time relaxing and having fun with a wide range of amazing services and facilities available at the resort. The project provides many features including:

  • A luxurious German design that combines European luxury with the beauty of Egyptian nature to provide a special and distinctive beauty to residents.
  • The resort was designed on a large area of 375 acres, ensuring the provision of wide green spaces and water spaces extending over an area of up to 80 percent of the project area. 
  • The units are also designed with a terrace system to ensure a wonderful view of the sea for all units.
  • Various units of chalets, villas and penthouses are available to meet all customer needs.
  • There are various swimming pools spread throughout the village to provide a unique swimming experience.
  • The resort offers a lagoon that spans a large area of 20 acres, adding to the amazing coastal atmosphere of Ramla.
  • The percentage of villas reaches 80 percent of the total building area and only 20% of chalets, ensuring privacy and luxury for residents.
  • There are many water games and aquaparks that offer exciting and fun water adventures.
  • The resort offers a unique experience as it allows you to have water caves and relax under beautiful waterfalls.
  • In addition to the resort's private beach, which is more than 1.5 km long, there are various artificial beaches.
  • The resort offers a variety of cafés and restaurants to suit all tastes, including a private restaurant in the beach area for a delicious meal with a wonderful view of the sea and the beach.
  • The resort has a special concert amphitheater so you can enjoy distinctive musical and artistic performances and spend the happiest times by the sea.
  • Ramla also made sure to provide a kid’s area so that they can enjoy their time in the play area designated for them in safety and comfort.
  • Ramla Ras El Hekma offers a clubhouse for gatherings and relaxing.
  • There is also a skating area and bicycle and running tracks.
  • There is a sports club in the project that's fully equipped with the best and latest features.
  • One of the project's most important priorities is to provide an integrated security system with electronic entry and exit gates and security teams equipped with the latest technologies.
  • Surveillance cameras are also present everywhere to ensure the safety and security of the entire resort.
  • The project provides a five-star luxury hotel offering more than 150 rooms for your comfort and enjoyment.

Details of Units in Ramla

Ramla Ras El Hekma is distinguished by its diverse areas, as it was carefully designed to meet the needs of customers. The project includes approximately 1,600 of residential units, including chalets, villas, townhouses, and twin houses, to meet the different needs and tastes of customers. All units are fully finished with AC for the maximum comfort and convenience. The units include:

  • Penthouse: The penthouse area starts from 130 square meters, offering a comfortable and modern space to enjoy stunning views and fresh air.
  • Standalone villas: The area of villas in the project starts from 200 square meters, allowing you to enjoy privacy and comfort in an upscale home that meets all your needs.
  • Chalets: The area of chalets starts from 79 square meters, making them the ideal choice for those looking for small spaces on the seashore.

Prices of Units in Ramla

Marakez Real Estate offers exclusive prices for  its units in Ramla Ras El Hekma in order to make it easier for customers to have their coastal home. Not only does the developer offer flexible payment plans, but it also offers a 38% discount on cash payments. The maintenance fees are the lowest in the area as it doesn't exceed 9% only. The units prices include:
  •  2 bedroom chalets of about 100 sqm starting from 16.400.000 EGP
  • 3 bedroom chalets starting from 21.000.000 EGP
The payment plans start from a down payment of 10% and installments up to 6 years.

Marakez Real Estate are distinguished by providing a distinctive and different experience. Ramla Ras El Hekma is considered a symbol of sophistication and luxury on the North Coast. Don’t miss the opportunity to book the new phase by contacting us on 01003366453.