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ARCO: Transforming Real Estate with Exceptional Developments

ARCO: Transforming Dreams into Realities

ARCO: Transforming Real Estate with Exceptional Developments

Tasneem Khalil 29 Feb 2024

ARCO is one the visionary leaders in real estate that shape the landscape with residential, commercial, and resort projects. Since it was established in 2005, ARCO has delivered outstanding projects that made it a prominent player. The company invested 20 billion EGP in under 5 years for its projects. ARCO's success lies in its strategic approach to development. This makes the company maintain an impressive portfolio of 8 launched projects and 7 projects currently under construction. These projects are strategically located to reflect ARCO's commitment to be the pioneering developer in Egypt.

ARCO doesn’t only care about creating projects as their philosophy is about dedication to excellence. The company emphasizes on developing high-quality projects that focus on creating self-sufficient communities. ARCO prioritizes quality and services tailored to clients over anything else. The company delivers a unique lifestyle marked by comfort and security. ARCO's influence goes beyond its projects and extends to the impact on the community. With a vision that doesn’t revolve around only profits, the company takes care of the welfare of the community. ARCO is now a symbol of positive change in all the lives it touches.

ARCO's Vision and Mission

ARCO's vision:

ARCO's vision is all about innovation and excellence that show in every project. The company's goal is to provide exceptional environments and innovative real estate solutions that satisfy the different needs of its clients. ARCO Developments believes that sustainability and smart development are important in real estate. That’s why the company is committed to integrating the latest green technologies into every project.

ARCO’s Mission:

ARCO was founded with a mission to develop self-sufficient communities, and it uses the right tools that transform this vision into reality. The company has a rapidly growing land bank, which makes it a regional player that offers a diverse range of real estate products that resonate with Egypt's rich culture. 

Arco's Main Objectives: 

  • Meeting Customer Needs: Arco Developments addresses customer needs through different and innovative services. The company goes from focusing on construction to delivering modern designs, and focusing on marketing and management. 
  • Real Estate Project Development: Arco Developments aims to lead the industry by delivering pioneering and sustainable real estate projects that align with both market demands and community needs. Arco Developments aims to set new benchmarks in its projects including hotels, residential compounds, commercial malls, and luxury villas.
  • Commitment to Quality and Innovation: Global quality standards are non-negotiable for Arco Developments. The company adopts the latest technologies and real estate practices to ensure that each project achieves excellence. Arco aims to enhance the customer experience and meet their highest aspirations.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Arco's commitment to the environment is clearly shown in its projects. The company is always seeking to minimize negative environmental impacts through the adoption of green building practices and renewable energy technology. Each one of its projects is planned and designed to improve energy and resource efficiency for a sustainable future.

ARCO’s Portfolio

ARCO's portfolio includes hotels, shopping malls, luxury homes, small residential, and commercial projects. The company's commitment to a unique and premium customer experience is present in every project it develops. As Arco looks ahead, there's a clear intention to expand and achieve even greater success. Arco Developments has a portfolio of extraordinary projects that show luxury living. This includes:

  1. City Stars Mall Sharm el-Sheikh: City Stars Mall Sharm el-Sheikh is built over 7.5 million sqm and surrounded by the beauty of the Red Sea. The mall is 60 meters above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the Red Sea with 1.2 million sqm of Crystal Lagoons and 22 kms of white sandy beaches. The mall has the largest Crystal Lagoon on the planet, spanning an impressive 120,000 sqm. City Stars Sharm el-Sheikh also offers 3 luxury hotels, branded apartments, villas, and educational facilities.
  2. City Stars Nasr City: This mall is the world-class fashion, retail, and dining destination. Mall City Stars Nasr City offers shopping and entertainment experiences with choices for every taste and style.
  3. City Stars North Coast: This resort is located near La Vista North Coast and Mountain View North Coast to offer coastal luxury. City Stars North Coast offers an exclusive retreat in the beauty and sophistication of North Coast.
  4. Royal Meadows Al Sheikh Zayed: The compound is built across 240 acres, featuring the New City Stars Sheikh Zayed Retail Center, a hotel, and a business center.
  5. Le Reve Mokattam: Project le Reve Mokattam is a collection of 120 villas that spread over 1,000 square meters, each designed in nine different styles. 
  6. Compound La Fontaine New Cairo: this compound is located in the golden square of New Cairo and spans approximately 142,800 sqm. 
  7. Compound La Vande October: La Vande is located in the heart of 6 October, offering a distinctive location with a multitude of services. It's a compound designed for comfort, convenience, and a truly modern lifestyle.
  8. Lagoon Village North Coast: This resort is located on Ras Al-Hekma Bay, close to the iconic El Alamein Museum. This residential project promises breathtaking views, and a great lifestyle by the sea.

ARCO’s Founders

ARCO is a real estate developer that emerges as a vision brought to life by the collaboration of visionary figures. The company was founded by Saudi businessmen Sheikh Fahd Al-Shoubakshi and Abdel-Rahman Al-Sharbtly. The leadership of former Minister of Investment Ashraf Salman further supports ARCO's position in the industry.

Sheikh Fahd Al-Shobokshi is the founder and general manager of the esteemed "Shobokshi Group" in Saudi Arabia. His influence extends to chairing the Board of Directors of important companies such as the "South Valley Cement Company," "Al Ahly Development and Investment Company," and "Nile City Investment Company." His leadership strongly shows in different projects like "City Stars Nasr City Mall" and "Golden Pyramids Plaza Company."

Alongside a team of experts and engineers who are part of ARCO's success. Their collective efforts have had a great impact on their real estate projects that have an investment volume exceeding 5 billion Egyptian pounds. Their projects prove their expertise and dedication that defines ARCO's ventures.

Why Investing in ARCO Developments is a Smart Move?

ARCO Developments stands as an example of great success and innovation. That’s why investing in ARCO is considered a great financial decision and a strategic move towards a future of excellence, sustainability, and prosperity. The main reasons that make you invest with ARCO are:

  • ARCO's Financial Stability: The company has a track record of successful projects that serves as a testament to ARCO's financial stability and its commitment to delivering value to its investors. 
  • Commitment to Sustainability: While the world is now turning towards environmentally conscious practices, ARCO Developments dedication to sustainability is not just a trend. The company has always made the decision that aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly developments. Investing in ARCO allows you to be part of a forward-looking opportunity that both generates returns and aims for a greener, more sustainable future.
  • ARCO's Legacy of Excellence: The company's achievements show its commitment to delivering outstanding developments that goes against time. When you invest in ARCO, you're investing in a legacy of distinction and progress.
  • Part of the Journey: ARCO Developments invites investors to be part of its ongoing journey of shaping Egypt's real estate landscape. With a reputation founded on trust, a commitment to sustainable growth, and a vision for crafting extraordinary developments, ARCO encourages investors to participate in a journey that goes beyond financial gains.

ARCO's journey is an influential one that has adopted a visionary concept since 2005.  The company is a pioneer  in Egypt's real estate that shows commitment to excellence. As ARCO continues to shape communities, the company's dedication to quality, innovation, and welfare stands out. Enjoyed reading about ARCO? You can read also about TMG and follow our latest blogs for more information about real estate.