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The Most Popular Real Estate Types & Units In The Egyptian Market

The Most Popular Real Estate Types & Units In The Egyptian Market

Amal Ali 16 Jun 2022

Whether you are thinking of buying your home or investing in the real estate sector, you will need to know the types of real estate and the basic differences between the real estate units available in the Egyptian real estate market. In this article, we will simply introduce you to the types of real estate and the most popular types of real estate units available in Egypt. Read on to find out more information

In previous articles, we have shared with you important reasons why you should seek to own your home or consider the importance of investing in the real estate sector. Before making any decision, you should research in-depth and find as much information to help you. The real estate market expands to include many activities and fields, and our mission is to facilitate your journey in the search for the right property for you if you are a buyer, investor, or looking for a start in the real estate field.

Through our website, you can learn more about everything new in the Egyptian real estate market.

What is the definition of the term real estate?

At the outset, we must define the term real estate to understand the topic comprehensively. Real estate is a word or concept intended to refer to a specific piece of land with all of its infrastructure or above-ground buildings in addition to the air rights occupied by this piece of land. The term real estate investment, means activity in the field of real estate, whether buying or selling, and the main objective of it is making a profit. In a previous article, we explained the idea of real estate investment in more detail, you can read this article and learn the difference between real estate investment and real estate development. What is real estate consultancy and how you can benefit from it. 

What types of real estate can be bought or invested in?

Real estate has a basic division, which can be presented as follows:

Residential real estate: It is one of the most important types of real estate that every individual seeks to own. Residential real estate consists of apartments, condominiums, duplexes, and coastal homes. Residential real estate varies and develops according to the needs of each community and the changes that occur to it. Currently, residential real estate comes in the form of different types of buildings, which we will discuss later.

Commercial real estate: Commercial real estate is one of the most popular types of real estate investments where you can buy the unit and then rent it as a commercial store or an administrative office. This list also includes commercial malls and administrative buildings. Residential complexes can also be considered commercial real estate because they are used for investment and profit.

Industrial real estate: Industrial real estate includes all lands and buildings designated for manufacturing and production, as well as warehouses and buildings used for shipping and distribution. One of the most current real estate development projects related to the industry is Tarboul Industrial City. Read this article to learn more about this amazing project. Tarboul Industrial City Your Simple Guide to the City.

Plots of lands: As for lands, they are represented in all plots of land whether they are vacant and not inhabited, whether they are privately or publicly owned, or whether they are in the form of farms. All lands where there are buildings under construction join the list of real estate.

After setting this set of definitions, our goal in this article will be to provide you with a definition of the most disputed residential real estate units available in the Egyptian real estate market. Knowing the different types of real estate helps you determine what suits your needs and choose your home successfully. Variety also helps you understand the nature of each real estate unit. And if you work in real estate consultancy, it will be easier for you to deal with clients and offer what suits each person separately, which will help you conclude more sales deals and achieve the required profits.

What are the most popular types of real estate units available in the Egyptian market?

Below we will review with you the most famous real estate units:

First, what is the difference between apartments and villas?

The main difference between the apartment and the villa lies in the size and number of rooms in addition to the range of services and luxuries that are available in the villas. The apartment accommodates a smaller or limited number of rooms and is usually found in towers and residential buildings, while the villas are independent and have a large land area and reach luxurious spaces. The level of privacy is better in the villas because they are isolated by themselves, and each villa always has a garden attached to it, and it is possible to have other features such as swimming pools.

The features of apartments and villas vary according to the preferences and needs of each person, in addition to their financial ability. Certainly, the larger the area of the property and the surrounding and accompanying services, the higher the price of the unit or property. The financial factor can play a big part in deciding which property is right for you. If you have a fixed financial plan and trying to choose between buying an apartment or a villa, we will try to show you the most important differences offered by each of the types of villas and apartments.

Apartments in repeating floors: These units are characterized to be apartments consisting of a specific number of rooms, which are located in buildings in the form of multiple or repeating floors. The division of the apartment spaces in these buildings is the same, and there is more than one apartment on the same floor. Apartments are the most prevalent units in the majority of cities and are pursued by single families.


Ground floor apartments with a garden: This type of apartment is considered one of the most popular types because the apartment has a private ground garden. The apartment is on the ground floor and includes a small area in the form of a garden. It is an advantage if you have a limited financial budget and want to own an apartment with a garden. This type of unit is suitable for families who own pets and also families in which there are elderly people, so it is a great advantage that they are on the ground floor.

Duplexes: Duplex units are simply apartments, but they consist of two floors connected with a staircase. These units are characterized by the fact that they take the form of villas from the inside because they consist of two floors, but the space remains smaller than the villas. The duplexes may be located within the residential buildings. It is possible to have a private garden attached to the duplex, which gives the impression that you own your villa.

Triplexes: Exactly as duplexes are. Triplexes come in the same shape, but consist of three floors of residential units on top of each other and interconnected also elevator may be available. It is possible to exploit the triplex units by allocating a floor of them for rent or as an office, this way you can own one property for housing and investment at the same time.

Studio: The studio is the smallest real estate unit. However, despite its small size, where the studio space often does not exceed 60 meters, it is considered one of the most popular real estate units for young people. The studio consists of one bedroom and living area, an open kitchen, and a bathroom. Studio unit prices are often suitable for limited financial plans. A studio is a suitable unit for individuals, but it is impractical for families.

Roof: We come to the last type of apartment which is one of the most distinctive residential units, which is the apartment, which has its roof. The feature of these apartments is the large area on the roof and the distinctive view that they have, especially if they are located in one of the distinctive areas overlooking the gardens or the Nile, for example. As for the built-up part, it is an apartment consisting of a varying number of rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. This type of unit is suitable for families who prefer a sense of privacy and enjoy an outdoor space attached to the house.

The standalone villa: simply the standalone villa is a separate and independent house with a garden surrounded by a special fence that separates it from the rest of the surrounding villas. Most of the time, the villa has two or three floors.

Standalone villa

Penthouses: Penthouses are among the most luxurious units that offer a high level of luxury and privacy for their owners. Mostly it is on the last floor of high-rise buildings, in addition to the roof floor. The entire floor is dedicated to the penthouse, as there are no neighbors on the same floor. What distinguishes the penthouse is that it often provides a distinctive panoramic view to its residents, where the outer walls are all glass. Penthouses are among the most expensive apartments in the real estate market.


Twin house: It can also be called a double house. The basis of this type of real estate is that it consists of two main houses that share only one common wall. Each twin house has a different owner. Each of them has a separate private entrance and separate garden.

Twin house

Townhouse: It is a type of residential real estate that you will find in modern projects that provide a modern lifestyle. The townhouse is considered a villa, but it is less in space than the standalone villas. What distinguishes this type of real estate is that it is built in the form of a group of villas that are identical in exterior and design and are adjacent to each other on both sides. Mostly, the townhouse is in the form of 3 houses adjacent to each other, but each of them has a private entrance and a front garden for each housing unit. What distinguishes townhouses from villas is that they become a suitable choice for families or individuals who are looking for a house with a larger area than apartments, but at the same time not completely separated from the surrounding community where you can enjoy a social life with the surrounding neighbors.


Chalets: As for the chalets, they are units similar to apartments, but they are located in coastal cities directly on the sea or near the sea and are within one of the coastal resorts that provide recreational services such as swimming pools and water parks.


If you are thinking of investing in a coastal unit, you should read this article about Sahel Vs Sokhna Make the Decision & Invest in a Second Home.

Finally, we always encourage you to do your research when seeking investment or making any real estate decision.

If you want to know more information about the real estate sector, you can follow our weekly articles. You can also view the latest real estate projects that are launched in the Egyptian market through our website.

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