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Cayo Mall New Capital Last Updated At : 16 November 2023

Cayo Mall New Capital (7 Properties)

Egypt, Cairo, New Capital For Sale

  • Starting Price: 2.58M
  • Down Payment: 10 %
  • Installments: Over 9 years
  • Delivery Date: 2024


CAYO Mall Downtown New Capital

The magician keeps his best trick for the end. Contact Developments launches CAYO Mall New Capital, their latest project in the New Administrative Capital. An integrated commercial mall that aims to reach the public and communicate with them on a personal level. The main objective of the Cayo Mall project is to redefine the concepts of the shopping experience inside the malls to make each visit of the customers unique and special.

Invest in the best location in New Capital Downtown with the latest Contact Developments projects after the success of its latest projects in the new administrative capital, Mercury Business Complex - Downtown, and Quan Iconic Tower - CBD, own your shop in the latest offering in the promenade and shopping area - Cayo Mall at the best location: in downtown, the new administrative capital, steps from Al-Massa Hotel, the central station of the monorail, and the electric train.

CAYO Mall Double Face for sale 110 meters, front facade on the main axis, width 70 meters, the direct interface on a street with a width of 70 meters on the central park, total area, 40,000 meters, (Cayo Mall with the largest Food court in New Capital Town, with an area of ​​3200 meters), Cayo mall offers you spaces areas starting from 30 square meters 100 square meters square, the price of square meter starts from 86,000 EGP to 175,000 EGP Food court: spaces start from 42 square meters to 60 square meters with a price starting from 140,000. Egyptian pounds up to 150,000 Egyptian pounds.

Contact launches Caio Mall in the new administrative capital with a payment plan strongest down payment starting from 10% down payment and facilities up to 9 years, and 30% down payment, and the first installment after delivery, and the delivery will be after 30 months after contracting.

Take the opportunity and be the first to know about CAYO Mall by Contact Developments, For information contact us on the numbers 01003366453 - 01126662221

1 Cayo Mall Downtown New Capital - مشروع كايو مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة داون تاون

Cayo Mall New Capital location

“Happiness begins with the perfect location.” The location of the project is one of its biggest distinguishing elements. Cayo Mall- the new Capital is located in the heart of Downtown, next to the administrative district. Its facades face two main streets, the front facade overlooks the main axis with a width of 70 meters, while the other facade overlooks the main street with an area of 70 meters as well as the tourism path walkway, which has an area of 40,000 square meters.

Location Cayo Mall New Capital Downtown - موقع مشروع كايو مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة داون تاون

The location of the project is characterized by easy access to many distinctive landmarks in the New Administrative Capital, such as:

  • minutes from Al Masa Hotel's new administrative capital.
  • minutes from the Monorail Central Train Station.
  • minutes from Green River (Green River).
  • minutes from the government area.
  • 5 minutes from the Opera House.
  • 5 minutes from the fairgrounds.
  • 5 minutes Iconic Tower (Iconic Tower).

Location Cayo Mall New Capital Downtown - موقع مشروع كايو مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة داون تاون

What is Cayo Mall New Capital?

Cayo Mall is the third and final project of Contact Developments within Egypt's New Administrative Capital. Cayo Mall strives to become a major commercial and entertainment center focusing primarily on people's happiness. So it is a place where visitors and customers will find either ease in meeting their material needs or happiness in discovering a new place, which they will want to visit again and again.

Land area and design of Cayo Mall New Capital

Space is one of the important elements in any commercial project. The project is being constructed over a land area of 7,100 m. This impressive space is divided into a ground floor and other four floors. Cayo Mall is interested in providing as many retail outlets and entertainment venues as possible to suit every age group.

Building facade and design:

The facade of the building is 110 m. It was designed to reflect a clear visual beauty that distinguishes it from any other commercial building. The entire design also conveys a different atmosphere that sets it apart from all the competition.