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THE BIG BUSINESS DISTRICT - Stone Park mixed-use commercial

THE BIG BUSINESS DISTRICT - Stone Park mixed-use commercial

THE BIG BUSINESS DISTRICT - Stone Park mixed-use commercial

Tasneem Khalil 01 Apr 2024

The Big Business District is a revolutionary commercial project in one of the most strategic locations in Cairo. The project is located in the east of Cairo and reflects innovation and forward thinking. That’s why, the project spans 43 acres and is divided into 6 phases, with each having its unique features. The Big Business District is designed to satisfy the needs of rising start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established corporations. With the features and services the project offers, it promises multiple opportunities for growth and success. Mohamed Adel, CEO of Roya, described The Big Business District as a central hub that is 15 minutes from all important locations. The project doesn’t compete but completes the surrounding projects such as One-ninety, 5A, and CFC. As the target sales is EGP 60 billion, this project is expected to make a significant impact on the local and regional markets. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about The Big Business District.

Strategic Location: Trend New Cairo

The Big Business District leaves an impressive fingerprint with its location directly on the Ring Road, serving as a visible landmark of life-work balance. The district invites natural daylight and panoramic views, creating an inspiring environment for productivity and creativity. The project has a premium location that ensures connectivity to different major destinations and main roads.

Popular Nearby Destinations

The project is strategically located near popular landmarks like the AUC, Nasr City, The Fifth Settlement, and Al Rehab, and Cairo International Airport. The mall offers easy access for investors from various areas. You'll find yourself only 7 minutes from Cairo Festival City (CFC) and a quick 2-minute drive from the well-known 5th Settlement (5A).

The Big Business District is also surrounded by other popular compounds such as Stone Residence New Cairo, The Brooks New Cairo, and Stone Park New Cairo. This means that residents of these compounds can conveniently access the mall for all their needs without having to go far.

Strategic Partnerships with International Entities 

Success doesn’t come alone, it often depends on collaboration and strategic partnerships. For Roya, it has established ongoing strategic partnerships with major companies and consulting offices across Egypt. From Commercial Consultancy by Tenant Mix to design by the famous Yasser El-Beltagy, and management by the reputable Ace, each partnership brings a unique expertise to the project. This ensures that every aspect of The Big Business District  is carefully planned and executed.

Timely Delivery within 3 years

One of the project’s features is its six phases that are set to offer luxury in Egypt, with the first phase set for delivery by the first quarter of 2027. Roya is committed to excellence and also highlights dedication to delivering exceptional results for their clients. This makes Roya in a leading position that continues shaping the landscape of real estate development in Egypt for years to come. With each partnership, they are one step closer to realizing their vision of creating unparalleled living experiences for residents across Egypt.

Thoughtful Planning and Designing

The Big Business District crosses ordinary limits with its bold architecture and innovative design, offering professionals an experience characterized by luxury and uniqueness. Either it is networking with industry peers or seeking moments of relaxation, the project provides endless opportunities for enrichment and recreation. Phase 1 of this visionary project launches soon and it shows magnificent design by YBA. The phase consists of 17 buildings with modern designs, and  introduces a dynamic mix of offices and clinics. 

An Amazing Facade 

The Big Business District spans over a large area and offers a range of commercial, administrative, and hotel units that meet the needs of businesses both big and small. The project is designed with an amazing facade covering approximately 535 square meters. This ensures that your brand will stand out in this dynamic environment.

Different Options to Choose from

The mall features a world of possibilities from administrative spaces, clinics, retail outlets, and unending entertainment options. The project promises a blend of work and leisure for a fulfilling experience for professionals and visitors. As no two businesses are alike, the mall offers a wide range of unit sizes and specifications to suit every preference and budget. The units include:

Standard Offices:

  • Area: Ranging from a 70 sqm to a spacious 230 sqm
  • Features: Ideal for businesses of all sizes, offering flexibility and functionality
  • Price: Starting from just 119k per sqm, making it a smart investment for entrepreneurs and startups

Smart Offices:

  • Area: Ranging from 64 sqm to 90 sqm
  • Features: Designed with modern amenities and technology to enhance productivity
  • Price: Starting from 135k per sqm, offering affordability with the highest quality


  • Area: Designed to suit medical practitioners, ranging from 47 sqm to 139 sqm
  • Features: Spaces can be customized to meet specific healthcare needs
  • Price: Starting from 138k per sqm, with options for white box or flexi finishing specifications for different preferences

Standalone Buildings:

  • Area: Offering enough space for larger enterprises, with floor areas ranging from 2700 sqm and 540 sqm per floor
  • Features: Perfect for companies looking to make their headquarters or flagship locations
  • Price: Customized quotes available based on specific requirements and configurations

For more information, download the brochure

Services Designed for Your Comfort

The mall offers services that go beyond any commercial complex, reflecting innovation and inspiration for success that knows no boundaries. You can find that every amenity is within reach. The services for the mall include:

  • Pantry
  • IT Room
  • Electrical Room
  • Janitor Room
  • 2 Elevators

Security Prioritized for Your Business

The District prioritizes security and convenience for its investors and visitors. The mall offers great equipment adhering to the highest standards of safety and surveillance around the clock. This ensures that professionals can focus on their goals with peace of mind, free from any distractions or concerns.

Opportunities to Grab

As phase 1 launches, innovation builds for what's to come. The mall is committed to excellence and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its residents. It's a destination that promises to redefine the way we live, work, and interact in the cityscape of New Cairo.

Flexible Plans to Enjoy

Affordability and flexibility are keys to secure your future investments. That's why, The Big Business District offers a payment plan that prioritizes your needs first, making it easier than ever to take the first step towards investment. The payment plan is 5% down payment and an additional 5% after 3 months with equal installments over 7 years 

A Trusted Name in Real Estate Development

The company behind The Big Business District is Roya that is committed to deliver the highest standards and provide the best real estate projects to clients. They are not only realizing their own vision but also adding to the growth and development of Egypt and the Middle East as a whole. Since its establishment in 2007, Roya Developments has been on a mission to create projects that go beyond the ordinary. The company is committed to deliver modern designs and inclusive communities. Roya has become a symbol of innovation and elegance in Egypt's real estate landscape. Each project is created with intention and care, making every element speak to the needs and desires of the people who will call it home.

For example, Telal North Coast, which is a stunning development, offers a collection of penthouses, chalets, and villas. Each one is designed to reflect the unique lifestyle of its residents. Telal North Coast offers a truly luxurious living experience with private lagoons and upscale restaurants.

Telal Soul is a project taking luxury living to new heights and is located on the Alexandrian Matrouh Coastal road. The resort features lush greenery and water features, including an impressive 8-acre swimmable lagoon.

For those seeking a quick escape from Cairo, there's Telal El Sokhna. It’s located on the longest beach in Ain El Sokhna. It offers a beachfront retreat with chalets carved into the natural landscape, providing residents with a peaceful connection to nature.

In the heart of Cairo, you'll find Stone Park and The Hills New Cairo. Their locations offer accessibility and different unit types including apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and villas, all surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil surroundings.

The Big Business District offers the perfect place to turn your aspirations into reality. Contact us today on 01003366453 to learn more about the available units and take the first step to be part of something truly extraordinary.