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Naia West New Zayed Last Updated At : 22 May 2024

Naia West New Zayed (1 Properties)

Egypt, Giza, New Zayed City

  • Starting Price: 10.6M
  • Down Payment: 10 %
  • Installments: Over 9 years
  • Delivery Date: 2026


Naia Wes New Zayed after the great success of the NAIA BAY North Coast, Ras El Hikma project, classified as one of the best projects in North Coast, Naia developments Company is launching its first project in New Zayed City in 2023, all night long, townhouses and villas of various sizes and NAIA New Zayed provide all services and amenities to give more A luxury for the residents of the compound.

Naia West was designed by RMC ( Rafaat Miller Consulting ) New Classical architect, Naia West El Sheikh Zayed El Gededa is located on 140 acres New Zayed City Directly on Alexandria road (70 acres of Villas - 70 acres of Apartments) with 16% Footprint., 1200 m2 depth / 500 m2 width, Gated Parcels., Clubhouse 8,400 m2, 24 m2 width of the main road, 2 main commercial districts, international school, and Medical Hub, All units are overlooking water features and landscape, All Units will be delivered with fully planted gardens.

For information, call us on 01003366453

Request the project brochure via WhatsApp 01125282828 Click here

Naia-West Ne-Zayed-نايا-ويست-الشيخ-زايد-الجديدة

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Naia West New Zayed Location

Naia West is located in New Zayed City Directly on Alexandria road 42 km next to the compound the estate sodic.

location-Naia-West Ne-Zayed-موقع-كمبوند-نايا-ويست-الشيخ-زايد-الجديدة

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Naia West New Zayed Facilities & Amenities

  1. CCTV: CCTV cameras will help maintain a secure & private environment for every resident, no matter where they are.
  2. Garages: With an abundance of parking spaces really available at garages, you'll never have to worry about finding any spaces again.
  3. Mosque: A religious center designed for Muslims to participate in prayers and serves as a meeting point during religious holiday prayers.
  4. Lakes: any time you need a fresh breeze and a moment of tranquility you will have an open view with lakes and greenery all around.
  5. Triple Play: NAIA WEST implemented triple play services that will allow you to set up both high-speed as well as access premium television content.
  6. Recreational Area: A place to recharge, refuel and feed your wellness center, NAIA WEST's health club offers plenty of relaxation and health opportunities.
  7. Kindergarten: NAIA WEST provide a kindergarten venue to help make every parent at ease knowing their children are receiving the best education & core possible.
  8. Swimming Pools: at NAIA WEST every resident will enjoy the seeming pools with the neighborhood and have a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Community Center / Clubhouse: A hangout spot for residents to visit, socialize with one another, and enjoy several luxuries including a gym, a kid's area, a sports cafe along with several lounges, and a swimming pool.
  10. Green Parks: With a need to enjoy the sunlight and feel the fresh air on your skin, NAIA WEST offers several green park areas to take in the natural lights and greenery in tranquility.
  11. International School: Knowledge is power, therefore everyone should have access to it. NAIA WEST offers a public library for every student, teacher, or professional to easily grow their expertise in a convenient & always welcoming environment.
  12. Clinics: To provide urgent medical attention to people who need it, that's why Medical clinics always keep their doors open for patients who need to be looked after.

Naia-West Ne-Zayed-Facilities-Amenities-خدمات-مميزات-مرافق-كمبوند-نايا-ويست-الشيخ-زايد-الجديدة

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    Naia West New Zayed Prices

    1. Standalone Villa A: BUA 465 m2 , 7 No. of rooms + Nanny room + driver room, Basement + Swimming pool Starting form 39,804,000 EGY
    2. Standalone Villa A: BUA 385m2  , 6 No. of rooms + Nanny room + driver room, Basement + Swimming pool Starting form 33,666,000 EGY
    3. Twin house  C: BUA 280 m2 - Land 235 m2, 5 No. of rooms +  Nanny room Starting form 20,428,000 EGY
    4. Twin house  D: BUA 255 m2 - Land 269 m2, 5 No. of rooms Starting form 18,970,000 EGY
    5. Townhouse Corner : BUA 205 m2 - Land 230 m2, 4 No. of rooms Starting form 18,200,000 EGY
    6. Townhouse Middle : BUA 195 m2 - Land 173 m2, 4 No. of rooms Starting form 17,007,000 EGY
    7. Apartments Typical: BUA 140 m2 , 2 Bedroom + 3 Bathroom Starting form 10,600,000 EGY
    8. Apartments Ground: BUA 140 m2 - Garden 105 m2 up to 117 m2 , 2 Bedroom + 3 Bathroom Starting form 11,024,000 EGY
    9. Apartments Typical: BUA 155 m2 , 3 Bedroom + 3 Bathroom Starting form 11,879,000 up to 13,126,000
    10. Apartments Ground: BUA 175 m2 - Garden 115 m2 up to 174 m2 , 3 Bedroom + 3 Bathroom Starting form 13,529,000 EGY

    Naia-West Ne-Zayed-unit-types-انواع-وحدات-مشروع-نايا-ويست-الشيخ-زايد-الجديدة

    Learn More About Compound The Estate New Zayed by Sodic Developments

    Naia West New Zayed Finishing Types

    All villas are core & shell 

    when Naia West will deliver?

    Delivery is 3.5 years.

    Naia West New Zayed Payment Plan

    • Payment plan: 5% down payment - 5% after 3 months the rest over 9 years equal installments.
    • Maintenance 8%.

    How to Book in compound Naia West New Zayed?

    Take the opportunity and be the first to know the details of Naia El Sheikh Zayed El Gededa the latest project by Naia Developments.

    For information, call us on 01003366453

    Request the project brochure via WhatsApp 01125282828 Click here

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    Compound Unit Types

    • Area

      385 m2 - 465 m2

    • Price

      33.67M EGP - 39.8M EGP

    • Area

      255 m2 - 280 m2

    • Price

      18.97M EGP - 20.43M EGP

    • Area

      195 m2 - m2

    • Price

      17.01M EGP - EGP

    • Area

      m2 - m2

    • Price

      EGP - EGP

    Compound Location

    Facilities and Services

    • Mosque
    • ATM
    • Childern Beach Clubs
    • Sports & Recreational Facilities
    • Cafe and Restaurant
    • International Spa
    • International Schools
    • Swimming Pools
    • Land Scape
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Medical Complex
    • 24 Hours Security
    • CCTV