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Marsa Baghush North Coast Last Updated At : 01 May 2024

Marsa Baghush North Coast (0 Properties)

Egypt, Marsa Matrouh, North Coast For Sale

  • Starting Price: 16.5M
  • Down Payment: 10 %
  • Installments: Over 7 years
  • Delivery Date: 2026


Marsa Baghush: The Ultimate Luxury Resort on Egypt's North Coast

Are you longing for a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Imagine waking up to the melodious chirping of birds and the inviting aroma of freshly brewed morning coffee. 

At Marsa Baghush in the North Coast of Egypt by Shehab Mazhar, you can make your dream a reality. It's where the daily efforts feel like a distant memory. The North Coast has always been the go-to destination for those looking for a coastal escape, and enjoy the serenity of the sea. This magnificent region has also been a focus of the government's efforts to boost investment in Egypt. And now, a new gem, Marsa Baghush, is ready to amaze visitors in Sidi Henish, one of the North Coast's most beautiful areas. The name "Baghush" has an interesting history. It is the Coptic version of 'Bacchus,' the early Christian saint and the Roman god of wine. Known as Dionysus to the Greeks before being renamed by the Arabs after Asclepius. The bay of Sidi Heneish was once referred to as Marsa Baghush or the Harbor of Bacchus. And now there's hope of breathing life into this distant memory, and one project holds the key to this revival.

Marsa Baghush North Coast Location

The location of Marsa Baghush North Coast is chosen carefully in one of the most beautiful areas in the North Coast, where sandy beaches and the clear blue waters of Sidi Heneish define the meaning of good living. Marsa Baghush is connected to Cairo via El Alamein and Dabaa Roads; this part of the North Coast is now easily accessible from the capital. Marsa Baghush also enjoys proximity to other landmarks, such as:

Marsa Baghush North Coast Master Plan

With the cruise sight on land, Marsa Baghush's master plan ensures you live in a place that fulfills your desires. Spanning a vast 330 acres, Marsa Baghush offers an intricately designed masterplan with unique divisions, including:

  • The Plumline boasts luxurious beachfront villas.
  • The Vineyard, home to lagoon villas with an average land size of 500 square meters.
  • The Lemon Bliss offers lagoon villas with an average land size of 450 square meters.
  • The Olive Grove features standalone chalets.
  • The Melon Villas presents semi-attached villas with an average land size of 450 square meters.
  • The Fig Cluster is a charming cluster of units.

Marsa Baghush: Where Dreams Come to Life

Rise and shine in your serene abode at Marsa Baghush. The open-sky courtyard provides a perfect spot for breakfast with an abundance of natural light and the soothing sea breeze.

Facilities and Amenities at Marsa Baghush

By now you have worked up quite an appetite and arrived to meet your friends living in one of the breathtaking units of “The Plum line” right on the wonderful shores of the crystal clear waters on the beach. With all the calories burned throughout the day you guiltlessly order your

lunch on the beach where the various amenities offer you a delicious meal and drinks, as well as some extra towels and two loungers. As the sea breeze cools off your body, you slowly doze off for a well-deserved nap.

Marsa Baghush believes in creating an all-inclusive community. It offers an array of amenities and facilities for every resident's needs, including:

  • A 30-acre commercial area
  • 6 stunning Crystal Lagoons
  • Beachfront restaurants & lagoon activities
  • A beach bar
  • A clubhouse 
  • A beach fitness hub 
  • Aqua Heneish Hotel, operated by Casa Cook
  • Botanical gardens
  • A kids' area
  • Swimming pools
  • A barbecue area 

Creating Timeless Memories

The day is winding down for the children, and preparations are underway for evening plans where the grownups are going out. You enjoy your ride back through our beautiful botanical garden to your loved ones at home just in time for a shower and a festive dinner

outside in your garden where the elevation allows for an unobstructed view of the beautiful beach during sunset…. simply put… picture-perfect.

Marsa Baghush Unit Types

Shehab Mazhar presents Marsa Baghush's fully finished summer homes, overlooking the crystal-clear waterfront including. There's a diverse range of unit sizes starting from 90 square meters. All units are delivered fully-finished, except for those in the Plumline.

  • Chalets.
  • Townhouses.
  • Twin houses.
  • Standalone villas.

Marsa Baghush Pricing

  • 2-bedroom units starting at 16,500,000 EGP.

The payment plans include a down payment of 10% and installments of up to 7 years with a delivery of 4 years.


Shehab Mazhar is a distinguished architect who has left an undeniable mark on Egyptian architecture and design since establishing his business in 1978. Shehab Mazhar Architects is a multi-dimensional architecture firm committed to delivering unique services tailored to its clients' needs.

The company has an impressive portfolio, encompassing residential compounds, hotels and resorts, office buildings, restaurants and retail stores, sports and entertainment centers, and healthcare facilities.

Marsa Baghush in North Coast Egypt is a place where you can live your dream. Don't miss the chance to make it a reality and contact us now on 0100336453.

Compound Unit Types

  • Area

    130 m2 - 320 m2

  • Price

    16.5M EGP - EGP

  • Area

    275 m2 - 350 m2

  • Price

    EGP - EGP

Compound Location