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D-Bay North Coast By Tatweer Misr Last Updated At : 25 October 2023

D-Bay North Coast By Tatweer Misr (10 Properties)

Egypt, Marsa Matrouh, North Coast For Sale

  • Starting Price: 8.17M
  • Down Payment: 10 %
  • Installments: Over 8 years
  • Delivery Date: 2027


"D-Bay" North Coast is developed by Tatweer Misr for Real estate investment, D- Bay is the second and latest project of Tatweer Misr after the Fouka Bay North Coast.

Also, one of the most significant features of "D-Bay Tatweer Misr" its great location, as well as many people, are looking for units directly overlooking the sea and enjoying the cool air, which made D Bay the ideal and perfect destination for many investors and clients, Tatweer Misr has also the largest area of D-Bay is for gardens, parks, and entertainment services. Book Now with only 10% Down Payment Up to 8 Years Equal installments, If you have any inquiries about D-Bay North coast prices or you want to reserve your summer unit at the best prices, contact us at the following number: 01003366453- 01126662221

D-Bay North Coast By Tatweer Misr -  قرية دى باي الساحل الشمالي

What is the location of the "D Bay North Coast"?

D-Bay North Coast is located in the best area on North Coast, specifically at the 165 KM Alexandria - Matrouh desert road.

D-Bay Sahel owns all basic and entertainment services, gardens, and parks, which make  D-Bay North Coast the best project for investors and clients.

Whether for investment or housing in a place characterized by calm and stability and overlooking the landscapes of beaches and lakes.

D-Bay North Coast is located in several places and the main important axes, such as:

  • -D-Bay Resort is just 15 minutes from Telal, and 5 minutes before La Vista Bay.
  • -D-Bay Sahel is located near Al Dabaa and The New Alamein, which is one of the best tourist villages in this area.

D-Bay North Coast Location By Tatweer Misr - موقع قرية دى باي الساحل الشمالي

What is the feature of D-Bay Resort North Coast?

Tatweer Misr is confirmed on taking care of the various entertainment services in D-Bay North Coast.

That makes D-Bay  the ideal destination and the best choice for many Investors  and among the most prominent of those services are:

  • -There are many artificial lakes in D- Bay Resort.
  • -There are many large green spaces, parks, and trees.
  • -surveillance cameras to secure the D-Bay Resort from the inside and outside, there is a 24-hour security and guard service.
  • -There is a health club in D-Bay that offers the best medical equipment.
  • -There are many international restaurants and cafes of the highest standard.
  • -The resort has a health club built with the latest international models and prepared with the latest equipment.
  • -D-Bay North Coast also has a spa and sauna center, in the desire of the village administration to provide all means of comfort for all Investors and clients.
  • -In addition to D-Bay resort has a wonderful hotel overlooking the sea directly, in which all services are provided at very reasonable prices compared to the rest of the hotels on the northern coast.
  • -There are shops and supermarkets with all services and supplies.
  • -D-Bay has many swimming pools for children and adults.
  • -There is a track for running and walking for all ages.
  • -available at D-Bay North Coast Crystal Lagoons.

D-Bay North Coast By Tatweer Misr -  قرية دى باي الساحل الشمالي

What are the unit types available at D-Bay North Coast?

D- Bay North Coast is located on a large area of 200 acres overlooking the sea in a wonderful atmosphere characterized by calm and stability surrounded by landscapes, trees, and wide green spaces from all directions.

D- Bay is located on the northern coast with a sea width of 800 meters, and the depth of D-Bay reaches 1100 meters, with wonderful designs that are calm and stable, away from noise and crowds, in an aesthetic view, where all units of D- Bay North Coast overlook the sea.

D- Bay North Coast  units include:

  • -Villas
  • -Chalets.
  • -Twinhouse.
  • -Standalones. 
  • -Lofts.
  • -Cabins.

D-Bay North Coast Master Plan By Tatweer Misr -  قرية دى باي الساحل الشمالي

The areas of D Bay Sahel North Coast are as follows:

  • Chalets start from 2 or 3 rooms from 100 meters up to 200 meters.
  • Twin House space starts from 200 meters.
  • As for the area of the villas, it starts from 280 square meters.

As well as all units overlook the sea or the artificial lakes inside D-Bay.

What are the average prices and payment plans for D-Bay North Coast?

Tatweer Misr has provided the simplest and easiest payment systems in the D Bay Sahel North Coast to make it easier for investors and clients.

As 10% downpayment of the unit price and the rest are paid in installments up to 8 years.

When D-Bay Sahel will deliver?

units will be received after 4 years from the date of the contract.

Why D-Bay North Coast?

The designs of D-Bay Resort are based on an advanced and modern thought to keep pace with the achievements of the era of developments, as it became the goal of the Tatweer Misr which is implementing D-Bay, to provide a full-service resort that matches the residential city in the same services.

D- Bay North Coast is distinguished as the best and most beautiful resort, tourist, and residential resort that has been established on the northern coast on the Sidi Abdel Rahman Sea to establish a new life. 

Also, D- Bay North Coast is one of the favorite international resorts that can be visited in the summer season.

Also, Tatweer Misr has created a system of graduated terraces in D-Bay in a distinctive and unparalleled way that directly overlooks the sea.

The D- Bay North Coast is an extension of the success of Fouka Bay Resort, which witnessed unrivaled success and was launched last summer.

Catch up on the opportunity now and own your chalet for the De Bay North Coast project with a 10% down payment and installments up to 8 years and call.

Who is the owner of D-Bay North Coast?

Tatweer Misr is the owner of D-Bay North Coast 

 Tatweer Misr is considered one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt with many distinctive projects that are characterized by wonderful engineering designs.

Tatweer Misr was founded in 2014, and the company is keen on many projects to ensure that large green spaces, gardens, and parks occupy the largest proportion, and among the most prominent projects of Tatweer Misr are the following:

  • Monte Galala Ain Soknha.
  • Bloom Fields New Cairo.
  • Fouka Bay North Coast.

Tatweer Misr has formed a work team consisting of the most important experts in this field and the working team consists of engineers and consultants to develop a distinct plan for the implementation of D-Bay to be one of the best investment projects in the northern coast as the work team relied on the cheerful colors of the buildings and the attractive nature and plants around all the units.

With the interest of the Tatweer Misr management company to present the plan with all international foundations to succeed in implementing the best, real estate investment project in the North Coast and all  D-Bay units are distinguished by a direct vision on the sea, to become a charming place and the moderate atmosphere that the project is characterized by due to its distinguished geographical location. 

D- Bay North Coast is one of the most important projects of Tatweer Misr in investment, as the executing company is one of the largest well-known leading companies in the field of real estate inside and outside Egypt, where it is famous for its great mastery and has experience in the field and has many huge investment projects in all parts of Egypt and witnessed the work of that company On the extent of its mastery at work and its work is characterized by extreme accuracy, to complete its work with high quality and in a wonderful way that befits its Investors and clients, and also Tatweer Misr was distinguished by its offering the best prices in the real estate market.

Also, Tatweer Misr  is owned by a group of investors and partners, and they are:

  • Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, CEO and Managing Director of Tatweer Misr, and Former Housing Minister.
  • Dr. Samir Aref, the owner of Al-Ahram's keys.
  • Mr. Engineer Ashraf Arafa, owner of Arafa Group.
  • Mr. Eng. Hamada Dawood and Mr. Samer Zaitoun - Owners of Madico Water Pumping Company.

Need to Know How to Book a unit in D Bay North Coast?

For Booking and more information in D Bay North Coast By Tatweer Misr please call us 0100336645301126662221 Or you can request a Call Back

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