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The Water MarQ New Cairo Last Updated At : 13 June 2022

The Water MarQ New Cairo (2 Properties)

Egypt, Cairo, New Cairo For Sale

  • Starting Price: 15.2M
  • Down Payment: 10 %
  • Installments: Over 8 years
  • Delivery Date: 2026


Where is Water MarQ New Cairo Location?

The WaterMarQ, an all-exclusive villa community, is conveniently designed to meet its clients’ desires and needs while optimizing their lifestyles. Located at the most prime area of Egypt, the compound exists at the pulse of New Cairo, close to AUC gate 4 and Point 90.

At The MarQ Communities, we are consistently keen to bestow our communities with distinguished services convenient to their desires and needs. We deliberately select the best locations that are appealing and delightful to our exceptional clients. Thus, creating a comprehensive service that fits their lifestyle.

Located in the most prime area of Egypt, our new project “The WaterMarQ” at Azad, is in the heart of New Cairo. The AZAD community is one of the most central and accessible hubs of the city, a fifteen-minute drive from Cairo International Airport. Across the street from The American University of Cairo and Point 90 right next door, urban living bustles right at your front door to work, shop, and explore. AZAD is a residential community covering 60 Acres and has around 2,000 diversified units with green spaces, and an array of facilities such as the business lounge, community center, and a unique lifestyle.

Azad project belongs to TAMEER, Pioneers in the industry, they are the first and oldest real estate developers in the modern history of Egypt. This company has been handed down through generations and created a record of success of over 26,000 housing units. TAMEER is a well-established developer who has been in the market since 1954.

What are Water MarQ compound prices?

  1. Standalone 240 meter Average price 15,200,000 up tp 16,800,000 - Land area 275 meters.
  2. Standalone 300 meter Average price 17,850,000 up to 18,600,000 - Land area average of 330 meter / garden average of 155 meters.
  3. Standalone 480 meter Average price 25,800,000 up to 26,700,000 - Land area 500 / garden 270 meter.
  4. Standalone 500 meter Average price 32,000,000 up to 34,125,000 - Land area 585 meter / garden 330 meter.
  5. Standalone 600 meter Average price 35,700,000 - Land area 650 / 365 meter.
  6. Standalone 910-meter Average price 57,200,000 - Land area average 1000 meter / garden average 520 meter.

What are Water MarQ New Cairo Payment Options?

  1. 10% downpayment and equal installments over 6 years.
  2. 20% downpayment and equal installments over 7 years.
  3. 30% downpayment and equal installments over 8 years.
  4. Maintenance 10%.

How to book a The Water MarQ New Cairo Egypt?

The Water MarQ Compound is the latest residential project in New Cairo City by The MarQ Communities, Our “Sales and Customer Service” area is ready and fully operating on-site, and has the pleasure to book your site tour for any assistance and inquiries. Please call 01003366453

Compound Unit Types

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    m2 - m2

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    EGP - EGP

Compound Location

About the developer

The MarQ Communities is inspired by the luxury marquis diamond. The marquise diamond is universally recognized as the most valuable gemstone. The meticulous process that starts from the initial mining to the final detection makes the hard work of recovering the stone worth it. Artists craft each diamond with perfection. At our company, we strive for excellence which is why we chose the marquise... Read more