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Orascom Developments 20 September 2021 Last Updated At (30 Properties) (3 Projects)

Orascom Development Egypt is a company specialized in the complete and comprehensive development of tourist cities in Egypt. It is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange with a total of 1,130,473,523 shares, 75% of which are owned by Orascom Development Holding. Orascom Egypt for Development and Real...

Orascom Development Egypt is a company specialized in the complete and comprehensive development of tourist cities in Egypt. It is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange with a total of 1,130,473,523 shares, 75% of which are owned by Orascom Development Holding. Orascom Egypt for Development and Real Estate specializes in developing residential units, hotels, and recreational facilities such as golf courses, and yacht marinas.

The company also builds infrastructure in all its projects such as hospitals, schools, and public facilities, The company currently owns land with a total area of 49.9 million square meters, and 23 hotels, with a total of 4,949 rooms in 4 tourist destinations: El Gouna in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast, Taba Heights in the Sinai Peninsula, Makadi Heights in Hurghada, and Byoum Al Fayoum.

Orascom Development Egypt is the largest subsidiary of the Orascom Development Holding Group, and is a leading developer of integrated projects around the world, in Egypt, the UAE, Oman, Morocco, Montenegro, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The group operates 33 hotels with 7,198 rooms and owns about 1010,000 million square meters of land. 

Orascom has developed an ambitious plan to occupy a leading position in the field of tourism by taking advantage of Egypt’s wealth of historical, archaeological, and cultural sites and places by providing the best hospitality services to visitors, using the latest technology and the best management and operating models to develop archaeological sites, and transform the experience of its visitors into an experience Unique of its kind, which draws the world's attention to the important monuments and the great civilization that Egypt enjoys, for Egypt to occupy the position it deserves on the global tourism map.

Orascom Holding for Development and Investment

Orascom Investment Holding has been operating since its establishment in 2011 as a holding company with investments in the fields of communications, media, and technology. Its roots go back to Orascom Telecom, which was established in 1997. Therefore, Orascom Investment Company carries the legacy of one of the most successful investment companies in the region, especially in the field of telecommunications. With the maturity of the industry, the company has taken a new direction to diversify its investment portfolio from telecommunications and technology business only to become an investment holding company. It operates in various sectors where it sees opportunities for significant growth and imprinting in the communities in which it operates. 

In addition to promising financial gains, the company targets projects and sectors that have a significant impact on the development of the countries in which it invests. Currently, the company focuses its investment portfolio in Egypt and Africa on the telecommunications sectors and urban and cultural development projects.

Orascom Egypt for Real Estate Development

Experts classify Orascom Egypt for Real Estate Development as one of the best real estate investment companies in Egypt, due to its good selection of the sites in which its mega projects are located, in addition to the fact that it offers a variety of the best basic, complementary and recreational services in its investment projects. It also seeks the assistance of foreign expertise in the implementation and design of its projects. Wherever it invests, it works to improve the lives of individuals and contribute to sustainable economic development. It seeks to invest in countries and sectors where it sees opportunities to make a real difference. Its goal is to turn these opportunities into pioneering businesses in global markets.

Orascom seeks to change the experiences of visitors in cultural and urban places. The development of urban and cultural destinations is the first unique investment opportunity adopted by Orascom to invest in urban development in Egypt and African countries.

Orascom Group of Companies

Orascom Economic Group operates in many fields and sectors. The economic entity of Orascom Group consists of a group of independent companies, as each company is self-contained and has its management, but the companies are connected in that they all work under the Orascom commercial group entity. Inland Properties monitors Real Estate Marketing, Orascom Group of Companies;

Orascom Construction and Industry

Orascom Construction and Industry is one of the leading and important industrial companies that own many large production units and is entrusted with large industrial projects, and one of the most important products of Orascom Construction and Industry is cement. The health center in Abu Rish and its management is headed by the famous businessman Nassef Sawiris.

Orascom Construction PLC is a leading global engineering and construction contractor with a footprint covering the Middle East, Africa, and the United States and operations encompassing the infrastructure, industrial and commercial sectors. The Group owns 50% of BESIX Group, develops and invests in infrastructure opportunities, and holds a building materials and facilities management portfolio. In FY 2020, the Group generated consolidated revenues of USD 3.4 billion and pro forma revenues including a 50% share in BESIX of USD  5.0 billion.

Orascom EGYPT Development | Orascom for Real Estate Development

Orascom Development and Real Estate are one of the largest contracting companies in Egypt, which has contributed to the establishment of many real estate and residential communities throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, and its departments are headed by businessman Eng. Naguib Sawiris.

Orascom Hotels and Development

Orascom Hotels and Development is one of the leading companies in the field of tourism and the construction of luxury hotels and tourist villages that are being built at the highest level of quality and sophistication. The management of Orascom Hotels and Development has been entrusted to businessman Samih Sawiris.

Orascom Technology

Orascom Technology is one of the most famous and leading companies in the field of information technology, and the company specializes in the services of various mobile devices, and computer services of all kinds. Orascom Technology is managed by Eng. Naguib Sawiris.

Orascom Telecom

Orascom Telecom is one of the largest global companies in the field of communications, and this company is managed by Eng. Naguib Sawiris.

Orascom Trading Company

The leading company in the field of various trade, import and export businesses, whose business is managed by the leading businessman in trade business in Egypt and the Middle East, Onsi Sawiris.

Orascom Development Projects