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Hometown Developments's Projects

Hometown Developments A more comfortable life.
"Hometown Developments" is your gateway to a richer & more comfortable life. With innovative solutions, Hometown Developments always looking for innovations to turn them into a more attractive & luxurious tangible reality. Hometown promise to provide you with an outstanding real estate experience.

Hometown Developments Company was launched as an active company in the real estate investment sector coinciding with the anniversary of the Egyptian state's celebrations of the Sixth of October 2017.

Hometown Developments was established by the engineer Dia El-Din Faraj Khalil, who has constructed and constructed more than 15 mega projects in the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo; It also has large investments in the import and export sector, specifically in the spinning and weaving sector.

Engineer Diaa El-Din Farag Khalil owns his own company located in the industrial zone, which contributes to the Egyptian labor market by employing more than 5,000 employees and workers.
He shares in the management wide and long-standing experiences in the real estate investment sector in the Fifth Settlement, and expertise in managing many of the largest companies in New Cairo specifically, which creates a mixture of long-standing experience and a mature investment mentality.

Hometown Developments Company seeks to represent a new and unique model at the same time, as the company aims to make a breakthrough in the Egyptian real estate market, and a new idea of finding competitive advantages that suit and serve the desires of customers and the Egyptian market together, achieving the difficult equation.

Hometown Developments also offers the largest real estate projects in the most prestigious areas and neighbourhoods, properties for sale in New Cairo and apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement, which are characterized by designs and a character unprecedented in the real estate market and with integrated services projects.

A distinguished group of projects with the finest and best areas carefully selected with accurate feasibility studies and scientifically studied standards from the largest investment advisors and the real estate and commercial sector to provide the best investment and housing opportunities at the lowest prices.

Choose your unit from the most powerful projects ever found in apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement with the best interest-free payment systems, with a selected group of sales advisors in the market to provide what is most appropriate for you.

Hometown Developments launches more than one commercial and administrative project in the New Administrative Capital, and its most important projects include the following:

Lafayette Mall, New Capital:

Lafayette Mall is the first project in the Down Town district, MU19, in the New Administrative Capital (the first fully commercial mall in the New Administrative Capital)

Zaha Park, New Capital:

In MU23, Zaha Park focuses on attractions that are the first of their kind in the New Administrative Capital.

Lafayette Village Mall New Capital:

Hometown Launch the latest premium project in the new capital city The Lafayette Village Mall is one of the most beautiful and elegant projects that were built in The New Administrative Capital, but it is one of the most recent and prince of projects in The New Administrative Capital, as is located in the best Al Mu area.

Udora New Capital Mall:

After the success of the Zaha Mall, Lafayette Mall, and Lafayette Village Mall projects, Hometown Developments is launching its fourth project in the New Administrative Capital, in the best locations in The New Capital ever, in the Down area and directly in front of Al Massa Hotel & Directly on the central axis. Book Now in UDORA NEW CAPITAL

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