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ATUM Global Developments's Projects

"ATUM Global" Developments was established in an Egyptian-Emirati-Saudi partnership, as it includes Al-Hassad Saudi Contracting Company, which is one of the Saudi companies with a history of 25 years, and it has built and owned a large number of hotels in Riyadh and Makkah, which formed distinct Outside and inside the Kingdom, its activities extended to the United Kingdom, Sarajevo, and Turkey, in addition to it owning a huge portfolio inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it also includes the Saudi company Mina Metal, a Saudi-Egyptian company, cleaning in the work of cladding facades, and it has implemented several towers in Saudi Arabia in addition to the facades of the clock tower.

ATUM Real Estate Development Company also includes the Emirati Perfect Way Group, which is a group of companies and manage many real estate assets in the Emirates, and the assets it owns are 2 billion dirhams, distributed between rented administrative offices, medical projects, commercial facilities, and pharmacies. As for the Egyptian company, it is Haman Al-Tayyur Touristic, Commercial and Real Estate Company.

The work of ATUM Global Development Company has launched in the Egyptian real estate market, and developed a huge investment plan in the Egyptian real estate market, starting with a package of projects with a total investment of 10 billion EGP during the first year of its activity in the market.

The first of these projects came in the New Administrative Capital, YARU Compound New Administrative Capital. Which announced its launch, at the beginning of the month, and the Yaru Compound at New Administrative Capital project, located in the R8 area - plot H2, is considered its first project, in partnership with the General Administration of Housing for Electricity Police Officers, and includes a group of distinct housing units of apartments and villas, on an area of 37 acres. Occupancy does not exceed 19%, and the apartments' space starts from 70 m² up to 240 m², with a price starting from 9100 EGP per meter, and the villas' space starts from 202 m² up to 350 m², at a price starting from 4,100,000 EGP per villa.

Yaru New Capital Compound by Atum Global Developments -  كمبوند يارو العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة - اتوم للتطوير العقاري

ATUM Global Developments

Real estate development of a large area of land within Saudi Arabia.

A group of residential projects in Turkey, Sarajevo, and England.

The full facades of the clock tower.

Tourism and real estate projects.

The largest hotels are located in the Grand Mosque and Riyadh.

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